The 65h JSAP Spring Meeting, 2018

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3 Optics and Photonics » 3.6 Ultrashort-pulse and high-intensity lasers

[20a-B301-1~11] 3.6 Ultrashort-pulse and high-intensity lasers

Tue. Mar 20, 2018 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM B301 (53-301)

Shuntaro Tani(Univ. of Tokyo)

9:00 AM - 9:15 AM

[20a-B301-1] Generation of sub-2-cycle, CEP-stable, intense MIR pulses by multiple-plate pulse compression

Peiyu Xia1, Faming Lu1, Nobuhisa Ishii1, Teruto Kanai1, Jiro Itatani1 (1.Inst. for Solid State Phys., The Univ. of Tokyo)

Keywords:pulse compression, mid-infrared pulse, optical parametric amplifier

We demonstrate multiple-plate compression of mid-infrared multi-cycle pulses (3.5 μm, 120 μJ, 120 fs) generated from an optical parametric amplifier. We found empirically that a combination of 2 mm AR-coated Si, 2 mm YAG and 1 mm AR-coated Si plates efficiently broadens the spectrum of the femtosecond MIR pulses. 21 fs pulse duration (1.8-optical-cycle) is achieved by subsequent chirp-compensation by a pair of CaF2 wedges.