The 81st JSAP Autumn Meeting, 2020

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Symposium (Oral)

Symposium » Leading edge of phonon engineering

[10p-Z13-1~8] Leading edge of phonon engineering

Thu. Sep 10, 2020 1:00 PM - 4:50 PM Z13

Toshio Baba(JST), Takashi Yagi(AIST)

2:00 PM - 2:30 PM

[10p-Z13-3] Various Composites of Emerging and Conventional Materials for Practical Thermal Interfaces

Yuki Kanazawa1, Kento Yokoi1, Satoru Kawakami1, Sebun Munakata1, Hisashi Sugime1, Bin Xu2, Junichiro Shiomi2, 〇Suguru Noda1 (1.Waseda Univ., 2.Univ. Tokyo)

Keywords:thermal interface material, nanomaterial, composite

Thermal interface materials (TIMs) contribute to enhancement of device performance and efficient use of waste heat by enhancing heat transfer at interfaces between solids. We will introduce our efforts for practical TIMs including (a) polymer resign sheet TIMs with vertically and densely filled carbon fibers and boron nitride plates, (b) aerogel TIM with Ag particles held by 1 wt% carbon nanotubes, and (c) matrix-free, aerogel TIM made of Ag nanoparticles and Ag foil.