The 82nd JSAP Autumn Meeting 2021

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8 Plasma Electronics » 8.1 Plasma production and diagnostics

[10a-S301-1~10] 8.1 Plasma production and diagnostics

Fri. Sep 10, 2021 9:00 AM - 11:30 AM S301 (Oral)

Naoki Shirai(Hokkaido Univ.)

9:00 AM - 9:15 AM

[10a-S301-1] Time and spatial resolved laser Thomson scattering measurement in hydrogen plasmas induced by laser produced Sn plasma radiation

Kouichiro Kouge1, Kentaro Tomita2,3, Junya Hotta2, Yiming Pan2, Hiroaki Tomuro1, Masayuki Morita1, Tatsuya Yanagida1, Kiichiro Uchino2, Naoji Yamamoto2 (1.Gigaphoton Inc., 2.Kyushu Univ., 3.Hokkaido Univ.)

Keywords:EUV, Thomson scattering

Hydrogen is used as a buffer gas inside the light source for extreme ultraviolet (EUV) lithography, and the radiation of laser-produced Sn plasma, which is used for EUV generation, ionizes the hydrogen to generate hydrogen plasma (Sn-LPP radiation induced hydrogen plasma). In the operating EUV light sources, the hydrogen radicals and ions in this plasma are assumed to suppress the contamination of the EUV collecting mirror. Therefore, it is important to understand the parameters of this plasma, such as electron density (ne) and electron temperature (Te), to understand the environment to which the EUV collector is exposed. In this study, we measured the spatial and temporal distributions of ne and Te in Sn-LPP radiation-induced hydrogen plasma by laser Thomson scattering method. The results are reported in this presentation.