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[ブースNo.19] AcroBio Corporation


[ブースNo.25] ATOX CO., LTD.

ATOX sells "Vrain", a PET scanner for head, jointly developed and commercialized through industry-academia collaboration, "Galli Eo®", a Ge-68/Ga-68 generator that can elute positron...

[ブースNo.23] CMI, Inc.

CMI, Inc. CMI, Inc. is selling PET-related products such as cyclotrons and various synthesizers,
as well as providing more optimal PET center planning and development.

[ブースNo.10] COMECER

COMECER Comecer is an Italian company that designs and builds systems and equipment for the safe treatment of radioactive substances used in Nuclear Medicine, guaranteeing minimum exposure to the operator,...

[ブースNo.31] Cyclomedica

We are Cyclomedica – bringing light into Molecular Imaging since 1986. We have paved the way with Molecular Imaging solutions in Australia and around the globe. From innovation, development to clin...

[ブースNo.14] JFE Engineering Corporation

JFEエンジニアリングは1985年の事業開始以来30年を超える実績をもとに、先端医療診断で活躍するPET用薬剤製造システムの構築支援を行っております。 放射線遮蔽計算、建屋設備計画ほかGMP対応等を含めた最適なPETシステムの基本設計・企画提案から施工、試運転、アフターフォロー運転支援まで一貫した安全・安心のサービスを提供いたします。

[ブースNo.22] Kyoto Kagaku Co., Ltd

Kyoto Kagaku has provided unique medical training models. We value the idea "realizing education that inspires through manufacturing".
This year, we exhibit various cutting-edge radiology phantoms...