Autumn Meeting of the Japan Society of Powder and Powder Metallurgy, 2020

A Guide to Online Presentation

Below is a guide to online presentation methods.

≪About presentation method≫
Presentation method priority
 1) On-demand video distribution (video recorded in advance is distributed)
  Presentation will be published by on-demand videos provided with a
  download prevention function. In this case, streaming distributions will
  be performed where the URL cannot be acquired on the display.
 2) Presentation slide release
  Presentation will be published by opening the presentation slide (pdf)
  on Confit. Here, the presentation slides will have functions of
  downloading, text-copy and printing preventions.
 3) Abstract PDF File (1 sheet of A4 size)  *required
  Presentation will be considered to publish by uploading the Abstract
  PDF File which has been submitted as well in case of the usual
  annual meeting.
 Although presenters can select the presentation methods of priority 1), 2) and 3), all presenters are required to submit (upload) 3). Those who cannot make a presentation by the method of 1) or 2) are considered to make a presentation by publishing the 3) Abstract PDF File. However, please consider making a presentation by utilizing method 1) or 2) (our recommendation).

Even in case of on-line meeting, “Student Award for Outstanding Presentation” will be selected and given to the winners. Here, the winners will be selected only among the students who will give the presentation 1): on-demand video distribution. Please pay attention that the student who will give a presentation 2) or only 3) will not be selected as an award winner.

 Q&A will be done using the comment function of Confit for all announcements from 1) to 3).
≪About submission of presentation materials≫
・Presentation method 3) Abstract PDF File (A4 1 sheet) *required
    Submission deadline: September 14 (Mon) 22 (Tue) 24:00 <JST>
    For details on how to create, please access the Autumn Meeting website from our website ( )and check the " Abstract PDF File Submission" page.
Presentation method 1) and 2) On-demand video and Presentation slides
    Submission deadline: September 30 (Wed) 24:00<JST>
  *We will inform you of the creation style and submission method later.
 There is a risk of misconduct such as recording movies, recording voices, taking pictures (including screenshots) of presentation. Of course, we will take measures as far that we can consider. However, we cannot completely prevent them.
 Please understand this point, then submit and make a presentation at this autumn conference.