Autumn Meeting of the Japan Society of Powder and Powder Metallurgy, 2020

Application form for presentation Submission

Before beginning the submission for presentations in our autumn meeting at Kyushu
University in 2020, please be aware of a possibility to change the meeting style to
online one, if it is judged as difficult to hold this annual meeting in a usual oral style
due to the spread of new coronavirus infection, etc.  

Please access following URL.

1) You creat your new account.

2) In authors field, choose who is a speaker.

3) In presentation information, 
    choose presentation time, A is 15 min. ( presentation 10 min, discussion 5min) or
                                              B is 10 min. ( presentation  7 min, discussion 3min) .

4) Choose category from Special Interest Session, Specail Issue, General issue.

5) Papers should be on original and unpublished work covering the results of the latest research, innovations or improvements in powder and powder metallurgy processes or products.  Commercialism in abstracts, manuscripts, visuals, oral presentations will not be permitted.

6) Present within 5 key words.

7) If you want to entry to "Student award for outstanding presentation", please fill out the form.

8) Presentor should registrate as a member of JSPM. Please procedure it until October 27 (Tue), 2020.

    Deadline of Submission:  August 17 (Mon), 2020.