Autumn Meeting of the Japan Society of Powder and Powder Metallurgy, 2023

Abstract PDF File Submission

Submission Deadline for Abstract PDF File: May 9th (Tue) 24:00 <JST>

You will upload your abstract pdf file through the following URL using your ID and password when you created your account.
Submission of Abstract pdf is not available now)

 The abstract of the Spring Meeting of JSPM 2023 will be released on its web site on May 23rd (Tue), 2023, (2 weeks before the meeting).
  The authors must complete the procedures related to patents by the release date if necessary.

1.  You should use the template (a word file) that you can download from the left URL. Please write your abstract inside of the frame. Please don’t change the width and length of the frame. Any articles out of the frame are not printed.
2.  Paper Size:
    Please submit your abstract in 210mm×297mm (choose A4, and do not choose U.S. Letter size)
3.  Font: Use the Times New Roman font, and the Symbol front for Greek letters.
    Program Number: Arial 15pt
    Title: Times New Roman 12pt
    Author’s Affiliation, Name* and abstract: Times New Roman 10pt
     (* Add a circle in front of the speaker's name)
    Body and figures: Times New Roman 10pt
    Section title: Times New Roman 10pt, bold        

4.  Figures, Tables and Photographs:
    They should be fitted within the print area.
5.  Embedding the fonts
    In the case of abstract made by OS Windows and with the fonts except Times New Roman and Symbol, you must make your abstract with embedding all the fonts that you use in the sentences. If you don’t do it, occasionally it happens that some characters are not indicated correctly. When you don’t know how to embed the font, please contact the secretary of JSPM.

6.  Size of pdf file is up to 5MB.
Please be sure to use the program number (example: 1-1A) that we are informing for the file name.

8.  We do not give you proofreading.  Please submit a complete document by the author’s responsibility.

     Abstract PDF Submission Dealine :
             May 9th (Tue
) 24:00 <JST>