31th JSSX Annual Meeting in Matsumoto The Japanese Society for the Study of Xenobiotics


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[6] Agilent Technologies

Agilent Technologies Agilent introduces the brand new 1260 Infinity II Bio-inert multisampler. This autosampler is ideal for LC/MS inlet. Another highlight is ChromSword software, which helps optimize HPLC method for s...

[17] Beckman Coulter K. K.

Beckman Coulter K. K. Beckman Coulter delivers innovative and trusted scientific solutions across the globe for laboratory customers
Beckman Coulter liquid handling & robotics products accelerate xenobiotic research to ...

[14] BioBridge K.K.

We introduce contract services of following companies.
Quotient Bioresearch (UK) – radiosynthesis and metabolism study
Quotient Clinical (UK) – early phase clinical study
Hypha discovery (UK) – me...

[2] Biotage Japan, Ltd.

Biotage Japan, Ltd. Biotage® manufactures a broad range of sample preparation products to ensure options based on the degree of extract cleanliness required and the cost effectiveness demanded by the bio-analysis.

[32] Charles River

Charles River Charle River provides its precious customer with non-clinical solutions in Every Step of the Way of your drug development. Meet us at the booth.

[10] Chromanik Technologeis Inc.


[13] Corning International K.K.

Corning Life Sciences is dedicated to the development of novel assay solutions for ADME/Tox properties, including products and research services for drug metabolism, transport and toxicity.
We intr...

[19] Covance Japan Co., Ltd.

Covance can be your very best global R&D partner, and we are advancing every moment to provide strategic proposals and solutions around the globe.
We will be holding a luncheon seminar entitled 『Ev...

[30] Envigo Co., Ltd.

Envigo provides research services for pharmaceutical, crop protection and industrial chemical companies. Our company is founded on the principle that research partnerships depend on unmatched exper...


FUJITSU KYUSHU SYSTEMS LIMITED We provide software for simulating drug-drug interactions (DDI Simulator) and predicting ADMET properties of drugs (ADMEWORKS). We also provide a database of both in vitro and in vivo drug pharmaco...

[23] GenoMembrane Co., Ltd.

GenoMembrane Co., Ltd. Genomembrane Co., Ltd. specializes in the Research and Development of Drug Transporters. We produce various screening systems and tools using transporters as drug carriers, and provide transporter-...

[22] GL Sceinces Inc.


[20] KAC Co., Ltd.


[27] KURABO Industries Ltd

KURABO Industries Ltd KURABO is a manufacture company of several kinds media for primarly culture cells, cryopreserved solution and stolege solution of tissue.KURABO provide Human Cryopreserved Primaly Hepatocyte(Kaly-...

[25] KYA Technologies Corporation

KYA Technologies Corporation MS Imaging Sample Prep with the HTX TM-Sprayer
・Reproducible matrix deposition technique
・Homogeneous coverage over a large area
・Wide parameter range for process flexibility
・Ability to optimize ...


NEMOTO SCIENCE CO., LTD Nemoto Science offers radio-synthesis, in vivo/in vitro pharmacokinetic studies, bioequivalence studies, toxicokinetic analysis, and metabolite identification services.