JVSS 2023


Important announcements
  • For your presentation, HDMI and VGA connections are available.
  • If you are presenting using an Apple computer or a laptop PC with only USB-C ports, please bring a USB-C to HDMI adapter.
  • In case you are unable to use your own PC, we recommend that you bring your presentation file on a USB drive.
  • Poster numbers and panel locations are assigned.
Preparation of your presentation

In accordance with the increasing roles of JVSS making commitments to global activities in academia and industry related to vacuum and surface science, the council of JVSS has made a decision on this occasion to incrementally internationalize the JVSS Annual meeting.

In this annual meeting, all participants are expected to follow the guideline as listed below:

  • Level A : To make the presentation in English
         (to be highly encouraged)
  • Level B : To prepare the presentation slides and posters in English
         (obligated to make the best efforts)
  • Level C : To prepare the abstract in English
         (to be required)
The Organizing Committee would much appreciate the understanding and cooperation of all participants.

NOTICE: In this meeting, the oral and poster presenters in "general sessions" are obligated to make the best efforts to prepare their presentation slides and posters in English, and may make the presentation in Japanese, but highly encouraged to do so in English. In the sessions organized by the divisions, there can be the cases in which the official language is English.



Speakers for general sessions are limited to JVSS members. If you are not a member, please apply for membership (Visit website).

Notice: JVSS cordially welcomes presentations and participations from the Asian academic societies and associations* that have established cooperation with JVSS. In the JVSS Annual Meeting 2023, their memberships are qualified to be equivalent to JVSS members. This year, the members of the allied societies and associations in Asia are invited to participate without registration fee (non-JVSS-members only).

*Asian academic societies and associations :

China Chinese Vacuum Society (CVS)
Indonesia Physical Society of Indonesia (PSI)
Korea Korean Vacuum Society (KVS)
Philippines Physics Society of the Philippines (SPP)
Vacuum Society of the Philippines (VSP)
Singapore Thin Films Society (TFS)
Taiwan Taiwan Vacuum Society (TVS)
Taiwan Association for Coating and Thin Film Technology (TACT)
Oral presentation
  • Only a projector can be used during the lecture.
  • Please bring your own laptop computer.
  • Please make sure to check the connection before the session starts.
  • Laser pointers will be provided at the venue.

Presentation time

Invited   30 min. (Talk: 25 min, Q&A: 5 min.)
Requested   30 min. (Talk: 25 min, Q&A: 5 min.)
Normal   15 min. (Talk: 10 min, Q&A: 5 min.)
Poster presentation
  • Panel size is 1800 mm (H) x 900 mm (W). A0 size posters are recommended.
  • Posters should be fixed to the panel with pushpins. Pushpins will be provided at the venue.
  • Posters can be displayed from the morning of the presentation day.
  • Please remove your poster immediately after the poster session.

Presentation time (Core time)

Half of the poster session will be designated as core time. Please stay in front of your poster during the core time. Core time does not apply to award applicants.

Date Poster # Core time
Oct. 31st ODD 16:30 - 17:15
Oct. 31st EVEN 17:15 - 18:00
Nov. 1st ODD 17:00 - 17:45
Nov. 1st EVEN 17:45 - 18:30
Presenters are encouraged to provide explanations whenever possible,
even if it is not during the core time.

Poster numbers and panel locations are linked to here.
Surface Science / Physical Property (SS1)
Electronic states, Electronic/optical properties, Photovoltaic conversion, Magnetism, Condensed-matter theory, Quantum effect, Coherence, Electron correlation, Nano-tribology, Superconductivity, Density wave, Topological insulator, Computational science
Surface Science / Chemical Property (SS2)
Surface chemical reactions, Adsorption/Desorption, Diffusion, Phase transition, Electrode surface, Reactivity, Reaction field, Reaction mechanism, Reaction dynamics, Catalyst, Photocatalyst, Mesopore materials, Nano reaction field, Micro reaction system, Electrochemistry, Computational science
Surface Science / Structure (SS3)
Surface reconstruction/superstructure, Atomic/molecular manipulation, MEMS, Lithography, Surface modification, FIB, Beam technology, Plasma processing, Computational science
Surface Analysis / Applied Surface Science / Evaluation Technique (ASS)
Electron/ion/X-ray spectroscopy, Synchrotron radiation, Interfacial spectroscopy, Holography, Time-resolved measurement, Probe microscopy, Microscopic spectroscopy, Atom probe, Electron microscopy, Single molecule spectroscopy, Surface diffraction, Operando spectroscopy, LEEM, PEEM, Positron measurement, TERS, Non-linear spectroscopy, Vibrational spectroscopy, Microbeam analysis, Standardization, Surface treatment, Experimental technology, Electron sources, Theoretical calculation
Surface Engineering (SE)
Surface modificaiton, Coating, Superhydrophobic, Superhydrophilic, Thermal spraying, Corrosion protection, Sintering, Carburizing, Bonding, Tribology
Vacuum Science Technology (VST)
Vacuum pump, Vacuum measurement, Vacuum materials, Flow analysis, Gas emission, Extremely-high vacuum, Accelerator, Applied vacuum technology, Vacuum process in general
Thin Film (TF)
Thin film property/structure, Analysis technology, Fabrication technology, Magnetic thin film, Thin film applications
Low-dimensional Material / Nanostructure / Nanomaterial (LD / NS / NM)
Nanostructure, Nanophysical property, Nano-scale measurement, Nanotubes, Two-dimensional materials (graphene, TMD, silicene, etc.), Clusters, Zeolites
Semiconductor / Magnetic, Electronic, Photonic devices / Electronic Material Processing (EMP / MI / MS)
Semiconductor, Organic semiconductor, Organic electronic device, Spintronics, Dielectric thin films, Oxide thin films, Laser, Quantum dot, Quantum wire, Quantum well, Superlattice, Interface, Hybrid material, Vacuum device, Solar cell, CVD process, Etching process, Computational Science
Plasma Science & Technology (PST)
Plasma measurement/source/processing, Sputtering, Ion technology, Nuclear fusion, Plasma applications
Soft Matter / Biomaterial (SO / BI)
Organic/polymer/biopolymer materials, Biotechnology, Biodevices, Biosensors, DNA devices, Protein chips, Single molecule bioinformation, Molecular recognition, Biomolecule, Artificial organs, Colloids, Computational science
Environmental Material / Energy Material (SU・EN)
Secondary battery, Solar cell, Environmental catalyst, Photocatalyst, Fuel cell, Environmental purification catalyst, Biomass, Energy, Environmental load reduction technology, Space-related technology, Computational science

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