JVSS 2023


(2023.11.07 updated) We show the important message (apology) regarding the Invoice System Compliance. We apologize for your inconvenience.

(2023/11/07 4:48 PM)

2023.10.28 The information of projector connection is updated. Only HDMI and VGA connections are available. Please bring your own laptop computer.
2023.10.27 The information of poster presentation is updated.
2023.10.26 The information of luncheon seminar is updated.
2023.10.23 Exhibition page is opened.
2023.10.21 The information of name card is updated.
2023.10.14 Exhibition application is closed.
2023.10.12 The conference program is now available.
2023.10.05 The English-version instruction for failed authentication on Confit is uploaded. We apologize for our late response.
2023.10.01 The information of Symposium is updated.
2023.10.01 The abstract submission for International Online Session is closed.
2023.09.30 The information of childcare assistance service in Nagoya City is updated.
2023.09.15 The "Exhibition" application deadline has been re-extended to Oct. 13th.
2023.09.07 The abstract submission for general session is closed. The abstract submission for International Online Session is open: Sep. 6th (Wed.) - Sep. 27th (Wed.)
2023.09.01 The abstract submission is closed. Your tentative manuscript can be replaced until Sep. 6th.

(2023/09/22 12:58 PM)

2023.08.31 If you wish to present your paper, please complete the registration by August 31st. You may submit a tentative manuscript, which can be replaced at any time until 9/6. We look forward to receiving as many applications as possible!
2023.08.21 The exhibition application deadline has been extended to Sep. 15th
2023.08.19 Survey for childcare assistance service is closed. Thank you for your cooperation.
2023.08.18 The abstract submission deadline has been extended to August 31st.
2023.08.18 The information of keynote speeches is provided.
2023.08.04 Survey for childcare assistance service is now available. Please access the form and respond by Friday, August 18.
2023.08.02 Presentation style (English / Japanese) is also presented at the TOP page.
2023.07.26 ”Registration fee payment" is now open. Don’t miss the Early-Bird discount, due by Oct. 30th.
2023.07.19 "Exhibition" page is updated. Detailed information is provided.
2023.07.19 The presentation guideline is uploaded. Be sure to read "Presentation".
2023.07.18 The fee payment period is scheduled to begin on August 1st (Tue). We will notify you as soon as it becomes available.
2023.07.18 Notice: Information on the early-bird registration period differs from the meeting announcement. (correct: Registration period : 2023.07.18 - 2023.11.2 17:00)(correct: Early bird : until 2023.10.30 23:59)
2023.07.18 Abstract submission will be opened from July 18th. The abstruct submission process has changed significantly this year. Be sure to read "Call for Abstracts".
2023.07.18 Annual Meeting Website is opened.

(2023/07/14 12:53 PM)