JVSS 2023

Registration & Fee payment

All participants (both presenters and auditors) are required to register and pay the registration fee in advance. Upon payment of the fee, a name card will be issued, which you are requested to download, print out, and bring to the venue.

Registration  : July 18th (Tue)  — November 2nd (Thu), 17:00
Fee payment : July 26th (Wed) — November 2nd (Thu), 17:00
       (Early-bird discount: until October 30th (Mon), 23:59)

Procedure and Authentification
  1. Registration (= Select the fee payment method)
  2. Abstract submission (for speakers only)
  3. Fee payment
  4. Name card & QR code issued.

  The instruction for failed authentication on Confit is uploaded as following.
  • "Registration" for JVSS2023 shall be considered complete upon "Registration of payment method".
  • All participants must register.
  • Two payment options: Credit card payment or Bank transfer.

Credit card: Visa or Master.
Bank transfer: GMO Aozora Net Bank.

Fee payment
  • Registration fee payment is required for all participants, except for non-
    member invited speakers and members of the allied societies and associations in Asia (non-JVSS-members only).
  • For non-member invited speakers, the registration fee is waived. (Invited speakers who are JVSS members shall pay the registration fee.)
  • Receipts are issued online immediately upon receipt of payment if paid by credit card or online bank transfer. For regular bank transfers, receipts will be issued after Nov. 2nd.
  • Cancellation policy: No refunds will be made in the event of cancellation or no-show due to the participant's circumstances after payment of the registration fee has been completed
  • On-site cash payment is NOT accepted.
Name card
All participants are required to show your name card at the venue.
  • A name card is issued after the registration fee is paid.
  • Downloaded a name card pdf file.
  • Print the name card on A4 size paper and bring it to the venue.
  • Get a card holder at the venue. Card holders are available for free at the reception desk at the venue.
  • Fold the name card into quarters and put it in the holder.
  • Please hang your name card around your neck during the meeting.
Registration fee
Membership Early-bird Regular
[Regular] JVSS regular member, honorary member
[一般] 日本表面真空学会 個人正会員 (不課税)
6,000 JPY 6,500 JPY
[Student] JVSS student member
[学生] 日本表面真空学会 学生会員 (不課税)
3,000 JPY 3,500 JPY
[Regular] Employee of JVSS Corporate member, Supporting member, or Sustaining member
[一般] 法人正会員・維持会員・賛助会員 (不課税)
6,000 JPY 6,500 JPY
[Regular] Member of Sponsoring society
[一般] 協賛学協会 会員 (消費税込)
8,000 JPY 8,500 JPY
[Student] Member of Sponsoring society
[学生] 協賛学協会 学生会員 (消費税込)
6,000 JPY 6,500 JPY
[Regular] Non-member
[一般] 非会員 (消費税込)
9,000 JPY 9,500 JPY
[Student] Non-member
[学生] 非会員 (消費税込)
6,000 JPY 6,500 JPY

Secretariat of JVSS 2023
Ishikawa Bldg. 5F, 5-25-16 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-0033, Japan
Tel: +81-3-3812-0266

E-mail: taikai2023@jvss.jp