The 41st Annual Meeting of The Laser Society of Japan


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[1] ENEOS Corporation

ENEOS Corporation High heat-resistant wave plate/ High heat-resistant diffusers/ High heat-resistant Diffractive Optical Element(DOE) by inorganic imprinting

[2] Japan Laser Corporation

Japan Laser Corporation We will introduce various laser light sources for a wide range of laser research. All of these manufacturers are leading companies in the world that have result high experience in advanced research...


PHOTOTECHNICA CORP. State of the art Femto,pico,nano-second lasers, Autocorrelators,
SLM, latest Spectrometers, we introduce Hyperspectral Camera.

[4] PNEUM Co., Ltd

PNEUM Co., Ltd 世界で最も精密なタイミング装置(カスタム製品);フェムト秒パルス整型装置/フェムト秒パルス測定装置/多重オクターブスペクトラムアナライザーなど;ラマン分光用/ホログラフィー用/蛍光顕微鏡用/多光子顕微鏡用レーザー光源:単一縦モード・CW・DPSS・半導体・HeNeレーザー、ピコ秒、フェムト秒パルス・ファイバーレーザーなど。


MITSUBISHI CABLE INDUSTRIES,LTD. Mitsubishi Cable Industries is Japan’s leading developer and supplier of specialty optical fiber, cables, and assemblies for high power laser delivery, DUV spectroscopy, and medical systems. ...