The 52nd Naito Conference

Call for Posters

To apply

To participate, presentation of poster relevant to the theme for the conference is mandatory.
The organizing committee will review and select 60 scientists as the poster presenters.  Excellent poster presenters out of 60 will be awarded at the conference.


Poster Application Period

February 6th (Tue), noon, 2024 - March 12th (Tue), noon , 2024



・ A good command of English for scientific discussion is required.
・ Participation for full four days is a prerequisite. 
・ It is mandatory to present and display poster at the venue.

The Naito Conference Poster Award:

Several excellent poster presenters will be awarded.

Participation Fee

No registration fee is required.  The accommodation (a twin room with two people sharing) and meals will be provided by The Naito Foundation, however, attendees will be responsible for transportation expenses to the conference site.


Results of the Selection

To be announced once decided


Poster Submission Period: February 6th (Tue), noon, 2024
                                                   - March 12th 
(Tue), noon , 2024