The 67th AEZ annual meeting

Open Symposium Monday, March 13, 2023

Seven speakers will present their topics (two of them will give an overview) on the theme of "Moonshots for Insect Utilization and Pest Control in 2050". We are looking forward to your participation.
Members of the society, the Phytopathological Society of Japan, and the Pesticide Science Society of Japan are welcome to attend without registration.
For other members, pre-registration is required. Details on how to register will be posted on the conference website.

Outline of the Conference
The Cabinet Office's Moonshot Goal 5 aims to create a sustainable global food supply industry by 2050 by fully utilizing unutilized biological functions. In this symposium, we will introduce two projects that are closely related to insects, and discuss their research activities and future sustainable food production and consumption systems.

Kazuhiro CHIBA (President, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology)
Greetings from the Program Director

Special Lecture 1:
[S1] Takashi YURA (Ochanomizu University, Waseda University)
"Development of Insect-supported Circulating Food Production System for Solving Global Food Problems and Human Space Exploration" (Brief Explanation of Special Lecture 1)

[S2] Takahito WATANABE (The University of Tokushima)
"Efforts to Make Crickets Edible: From Research at University to Social Implementation through Entrepreneurship" 

[S3] Masami SHIMODA (The University of Tokyo)
"Is It Really Feasible to Feed Flies?"

[S4] Kenji MATSUURA (Kyoto University)
"Termite Feeding Project: A New Challenge to Link Unused Plant Biomass to Food Production"

Special Lecture 2:
[S5] Norihide HINOMOTO (Kyoto University)
"Realization of Zero Insect Pest Damage Agriculture Using Advanced Physical Methods and Unutilized Biological Functions" (Brief Abstract of Special Lecture 2)

[S6] Masatoshi HORI (Tohoku University)
"Innovative Physical Pest Control Technology -Laser Insecticidal Technology-" 

[S7] Norihide HINOMOTO (Kyoto University)
"All-purpose Natural Enemies for Pest Control with Biodiversity"  

"Technology to Control Pests and Diseases by Using Microorganisms Symbiotic in Insect Cells"