Due to the delay of schedule, the banquet will start at 7PM.
Sorry for any inconvenience.

(2019/11/07 5:28 PM)

While the Banquet starts from 6:30PM, welcome drink will be served at the garden at the side of Room A from around 6PM. Please join!!

(2019/11/07 2:28 PM)

Langmuir Luncheon Session is starting soon at Room A. Let's meet the editors!!

(2019/11/07 12:43 PM)

Poster Award winners have been decided as follows. Congratulations!!

PT01-24 Dongwook Kim
PT01-33 Emelie Josefina Nilsson
PT01-44 Risa Tanaka
PT02-15 Keisuke Chiguchi
PT03-15 Shiori Matsubara
PT03-20 Gargi Joshi
PT03-25 Masahiro Kasai
PT04-17 Masashi Kobayashi
PT05-01 Frank Rhein
PT05-04 Ryosuke Ohnuki
PT05-15 Ryan P Murphy
PT05-43 Takuya Sugimoto
PT06-09 Kenta Ushiro
PT06-30 Fumio Asai
PT06-59 Yukari Imai
PT06-67 Naoya Sagawa
PT07-02 Mizuki Tenjimbayashi
PT08-10 Reka Anna Horvath
PT08-14 Dongshuang Wu
PT08-31 Siyang Cui
PT09-07 Martin Brodrecht
PT09-40 Yoko Ikeda
PT10-13 Kosuke Wakamatsu
PT11-02 Qingliang Kong
PS02-01 Madoka Sato

(2019/11/07 11:17 AM)

We will take another group photo at lunch break today. Please join!

(2019/11/07 8:08 AM)

Poster presenters, now you can put your poster on the board.

(2019/11/06 8:08 AM)

Okinawa local foods and drinks are sold in the Cafeteria now! Please drop by if you are interested in.

(2019/11/05 4:01 PM)

Special lecture by Prof. Maki Kawai, the president of CSJ, starts at 13:30 at Room A.

(2019/11/05 1:15 PM)

We will have an exercise alert tomorrow. A red alert may be sent to your mobile around 10AM, but it is just an exercise.

(2019/11/04 6:19 PM)

We will take group photo after the plenary lecture tomorrow. Please join!

(2019/11/04 2:13 PM)

Luncheon session sponsored by STAM at Room E will start at 12:40.

(2019/11/04 12:17 PM)

Lunch is provided at around Room A, Bankoku Shinryokan.
Please come to Bankoku Shinryokan if you are attending the sessions in Busena Terrace (Room F, G).

(2019/11/04 12:11 PM)

On Monday 4 November, the conference will start with the opening remarks starting at 8:45AM at Room A. We are happy if you join the opening.

(2019/11/03 11:03 PM)

Welcome to Okinawa!!
Okinawa Colloids 2019 has been kicked off, with Young Researchers Sessions as opening sessions.
Registration is now open and Welcome Reception starts at 6PM.

(2019/11/03 3:28 PM)