The 142nd Annual Meeting of the Pharmaceutical Society of Japan (Nagoya)

Greetings from Chair

Yuji Mori, Ph.D

Chair of the 142nd Annual Meeting of the Pharmaceutical Society of Japan
Professor, Faculty of Pharmacy, Meijo University

Dear all,
We are pleased to announce that the 142nd Annual Meeting of the Pharmaceutical Society of Japan will be held at the Nagoya International Congress Center in Nagoya, Japan, March 25–28, 2022. The organizing committee will be led by the Faculty of Pharmacy, Meijo University, and supported by the pharmaceutical faculties of Nagoya City University, Kinjo Gakuin University, and Aichi Gakuin University.
With the theme, Innovations in Drug Discovery: Paving the Way for a New Healthcare era, special lectures, symposia, programs, training, and networking opportunities will be provided for researchers (academic and industrial), pharmacists, educators, students, and exhibitors. This Annual Meeting will be a chance to share information on the latest research results and on rapidly advancing innovative technologies in areas ranging from drug discovery to pharmacotherapy, and it will provide a forum to discuss issues or concerns relating to pharmaceutical research and education. Society members are invited to submit symposium proposals on new developments and current topics. In addition, we are planning to organize international exchange symposiums with the German Pharmaceutical Society (DPhG) and the International Federation of Pharmacists and Pharmacy (FIP).
We are currently planning the Annual Meeting in Nagoya as an on-site event; however due to the uncertainty of how long the COVID-19 pandemic will last, for public health and safety, it may be necessary to hold the event online. We are continuing to carefully monitor the situation regarding the pandemic and its potential impacts on the upcoming meeting. The meeting will be a place to share ideas, develop a network, and establish new collaborations that, I hope, will drive forward further developments in the field of pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences.
The Nagoya International Congress Center is conveniently located about 25 minutes from the JR Nagoya Station and 45 minutes from the Central Japan International Airport. We look forward to a successful 142nd Annual Meeting 2022 and appreciate your participation.