The 142nd Annual Meeting of the Pharmaceutical Society of Japan (Nagoya)

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(C) Pharmaceutical Biology

[27PO1-pm1] Evaluation of drug efficacy and safety/Receptors, channels, and transporters/Intracellular signaling/Endogenous bioactive substances/Circulatory system/Kidney, urinary organs and reproductive organs/Chemotherapeutic agents/Digestive system/Kampo medicines/Others

Sun. Mar 27, 2022 1:30 PM - 3:10 PM [Room PO1] Event Hall (Bldg. 1: 1F)

1:30 PM - 3:10 PM

[27PO1-pm1-23] Alteration of mitochondrial carrier protein gene expression in mouse models of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease

○Takeo Nakanishi1, Yuuki Kimura1, Kotone Kawamura1, Melody N Shumba1, Yoshinobu Nakamura1, Yuki Kawasaki2, Noriaki Shimokawa3 (1. Laboratory of Membrane Transport for Biopharmaceutics, Faculty of Pharmacy, Takasaki University of Health and Welfare , 2. Laboratory of Public Health, Faculty of Pharmacy, Takasaki University of Health and Welfare , 3. Department of Nutrition, Faculty of Health and Welfare, Takasaki University of Health and Welfare)

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