The 142nd Annual Meeting of the Pharmaceutical Society of Japan (Nagoya)

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Oral Presentation

(C) Pharmaceutical Biology

[28T-am] Skeletal muscles and smooth muscles

Mon. Mar 28, 2022 9:30 AM - 10:42 AM [Room T] Conference Room 432 (Bldg. 4: 3F)

Chair: Nobuo Izumo

10:06 AM - 10:18 AM

[28T-am04S] Effect of mecasermin on the cisplatin-induced downregulation of procollagen genes in skeletal muscle of mouse

○Yu Miyauchi1, Rei Tachinooka1, Yuta Suzuki1, Risako Kon1, Nobutomo Ikarashi1, Yoshihiko Chiba2, Junzo Kamei1,3, Tomoo Hosoe1,4, Hiroyasu Sakai1 (1. Dept. Biomol. Pharmacol,, Hoshi Univ., 2. Lab. Mol. Biol. Physiol., Hoshi Univ., 3. Juntendo Advanced Research Institute for Health Science, Juntendo Univ., 4. Dept. Bioregul. Sci, Hoshi Univ.)

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