International Display Workshops Incorporated Association

11:30 AM - 11:55 AM

[AMD6-3(Invited)] Top-Gate Oxide TFTs with Ion-Implanted Source/Drain Regions in Advanced LTPS Technology

*Isao Suzumura1, Toshihide Jinnai1, Hajime Watakabe1, Akihiro Hanada1, Ryo Onodera1, Tomoyuki Ito1 (1. Japan Display Inc. (Japan))

Top-gate, Self-aligned, Oxide TFT, Short channel length, Ion implantation

This study develops advanced LTPS TFT technology with top-gate self-aligned oxide TFTs using Generation 6 mother glass. Source and drain regions of the oxide TFTs are formed by ion implantation through a gate insulator with a gate metal mask. The optimized oxide TFTs demonstrates good short-channel performance.