International Display Workshops General Incorporated Association

1:40 PM - 2:00 PM

[LCT1-2(Invited)] Liquid Crystal Mixtures Including High Reliability Fluorinated Diluter and RM Monomer for PSVA and PI-less LCDs

*Toshihiro Shibata1, Masanobu Mizusaki2, Tsuyoshi Okazaki2, Kazuo Okamoto3 (1. Chiracol Co.LTD (Japan), 2. Sharp Corporation (Japan), 3. Organo Science (Japan))

Liquid crystal mixture, Difluorinated diluter, 3HFFH3, Reliability, RM-monomer

We developed difluorinated diluter(3HFFH3).It showed the high reliability for PSVA and PI-less LCDs under photo-irradiation for polymerization of various RM monomers. And we have comfirmed that the RM monomer carrying a chalcone unit was the best combination with it.