The 10th Asian Crop Science Association Conference

Young Scientist Forum

Let’s Talk about Young Scientist’s Presents & Futures

5:00PM – 7:00PM Wednesday, September 8

Let’s join the free discussion that everyone can talk together via Zoom!

The Forum prepared 3 topics as bellow;

1) Think about Communication among the Young scientists & Students in Asia

2) Think about Women roles in Agricultural Sciences in Asia

3) Think about Future of ACSAC for Young Scientists

We will use breakout rooms of Zoom. The participants will be divided into several groups of four or five, and do free discussion for 10 to 15 min for each topic. Let’s share your experiences, opinions, and ideas. After discussion, each group will report the summary what they discussed briefly (1 to 3 min per each group, total 10 to 15 min). The members of groups will be swapped at each topic. Through the discussions, we will reach new suggestions to our community and also establish new personal relationships.

The Forum prepared online whiteboards “Jamboard” to facilitate discussion. We can see Jamboard while talking on Zoom. The participants don’t need to install any software or app except Zoom (but please confirm update version is the newest).

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Supported by
Working Group for Fostering Young Scientists & Gender-Equal Participation, Crop Science Society of Japan (CSSJ)