2018 Annual Meeting


Pre-registration (January 15 to February 15) Closed.
  1. Register account, then log into website.
    Speaker: Please use the Log-in ID and Password you set at the registration of presentation. Please do not create new account.
    Auditor: Please create new account. Even if you already registered the account at the previous meeting, you need to create new account.
  2. Confirm the agreement and check "Agree", then register the presentation from "Registration".
  3. Payment due date is February 15, 2018. Please pay the fee by any of following ways.
    • Transfer to Japan Post Bank
      Make sure to use a printed transfer form attached to "ATOMOS (Journal of the Atomic Energy Society of Japan), Vol.59, No.11 (2017)".
    • Credit card payment (VISA, Master)
      Please log in to the registration web page then accomplish the payment on online payment.
    • Convenience store payment
      Please log in to the registration web page then accomplish the payment on online payment. Make sure to pay the fee before February 15 even if the different due date is shown on the web page.
  4. Once a attendance registratoin is completed, Registration Number will be issued. Please do not pay the fee before registration.
On-site registration (After February 16)
During the meeting, please come to the reception to register the attendance. Note that only cash is accepted.
Member: not taxed
Non-Member: including tax
  Fees paid by February 15, 2018 Fees paid after February 16, 2018 (On-site)
Regular Member JPY 10,000 JPY 12,000
Student Member JPY 2,000 JPY 4,000
Silver Member JPY 2,000 JPY 4,000
Non-Member JPY 13,000 JPY 15,000
Student Non-Member JPY 4,000 JPY 6,000
*Fees is including a password of proceedings website.
*We don't issue billes. We will receipt the sale on site during the meeting.
*The paid fee shall not be refunded in principle.
*We don't send a password of proceedings website beforehand if we cannot confirm the payment during the pre-registration period.