2018 Annual Meeting

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Over view Report » Over View Report 2 - Research Committee on Fission Product Behavior under Severe Accident

[2M_PL] Reports on Latest Activities of Research Committee onFission Product Behavior under Severe Accident

Tue. Mar 27, 2018 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM Room M (M1-313 -M1 Building)

Chair: Junichi Takagi (TOSHIBA)

[2M_PL02] Major information obtained furom Phebus FP Projects and its application on Fukushima plant decommissioning

*Hidetoshi Karasawa1 (1. IAE)

The Research Committee has been started to discuss basic behavior of FPs under severe accident conditions since June, 2017. The Committee is supported by 8 AESJ divisions and its activities are based on common knowledge bases shown in the technical report “Fission Product Behavior Obtained from Phébus FP Projects - Application for Decommissioning Plans of Fukushima Plants and severe Accident Analysis”, compiled as preparation activities of the committee. In the session, the major targets of the committee and latest activities of 3 of the committee working groups are reviewed to validate its activities and to prepare for suitable modification in its targets, if necessary.