Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have decided to hold the conference online. Please click [IMPORTANT NOTICE] in the menu for more details.
City and Humanity in Harmony
                     City and Humanity in Harmony"  by Makoto Inoue
Conference Theme

All in One Boat: Putting the Health Humanities to Work for Individual and Public Health

Conference Chair

Tsuguya Fukui
President, St. Luke’s International Hospital


Keynote and Invited Speakers
Photo-FukuiSensei Tsuguya Fukui
President, St. Luke’s International Hospital


Picture-Prof.Paul Crawford Paul Crawford
Professor of Health Humanities, School of Health Sciences, University of Nottingham

Photo-Prof.Nakamura Karen Nakamura
Professor of Sociocultural Anthropology, University of California, Berkeley
 Picture-Associate Prof.Masayuki Sato

 Masayuki Satoh
Associate Professor, Dementia Prevention and Therapeutics, Mie University Graduate School of Medicine 

Picture-Ms.Akiko Yamanaka

 Akiko Yamanaka

Senior Diplomatic Fellow at Cambridge Central Asia Forum, Cambridge University
Former member of the House of Representatives (Japan)


Latest Announcement

The registration site is now open.

(2020/07/09 5:21 PM)

The 3rd(Final) Call for Papers is closed. Thank you very much for your submission.
We will inform you the result of the review process via E-mail by the end of July.


(2020/07/01 8:04 PM)

The 3rd(Final) Call for Papers is extended until 23:59 UTC-11, June 30, 2020 (19:59 JST, July 1) .

第3期演題募集を6月30日 23:59 UTC-11(日本時間7月1日19:59)まで延長いたします。​

(2020/06/30 6:18 PM)

Greetings to everyone during these trying times. It is clear enough at this point that international travel for conferences should continue to be avoided through the end of this year, at least. However, we have received many meaningful and excellent proposals, and many have commented on the continued and perhaps heightened importance of the health humanities in dealing with a global pandemic. Therefore, we have decided to move the conference to an online format. We plan to ask presenters to prepare videos of their presentations, which can be provided in an on-demand format (with discussion forum capabilities) to conference participants. We have also adjusted the participation fee for Categories B and C, in order to enable as much participation as possible. In the same vein, we have decided to extend the final Call for Papers until the end of June. So, if you were unable to attend because of the trip to Japan or to Tokyo, if you were waiting to see whether the conference would be cancelled or postponed, or if you are engaged in innovative new research or practice related to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, please, by all means, consider submitting a proposal this month. Together we can overcome this roadblock and make the first-ever online Health Humanities conference a great one!

--Conference Organizing Committee



(2020/06/01 7:11 PM)

"Accepted Presentation Proposals" is updated on the "Program" page.

(2020/04/24 5:43 PM)

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