The 9th International Health Humanities Conference


  Special Feature: "Florence Nightingale Comes Home" (online exhibition) [Link]
  The International Health Humanities Network [Link]
  St. Luke’s International University [Link]
  Health Humanities Consortium [Link]
  2020 International Health Humanities Consortium Conference [Link]
Health Humanities-related books by Emerald Publishing (30% discount for conference participants)
■  Arts for Health: [Link]
■  Reading (Philip Davis & Fiona Magee): [Link]
■  Film (Steven Schlozman): [Link]
■  Cabin Fever (Paul Crawford & Jamie Orion Crawford): Surviving Lockdown in the Coronavirus Pandemic:  [Link]
 Special Announcement: 2021 Health Humanities Consortium International Conference will be held in a virtual format, March 25-27, 2021. Proposal deadline extended to October 31, 2020. Details here: [Link]

Last updated: February 21, 2020