The 9th International Health Humanities Conference

Call for Papers

There will be a total of three Calls for Papers:
*Please read the instructions on this page carefully, and then click the "New Submission" button at the bottom to submit your proposal.
  •  1st Call for Papers Closed: December 5, 2019 - January 31, 2020
  • 2nd Call for Papers Closed: February 26 - March 31, 2020
  • 3rd (Final) Call for Papers Closed: April 1 -  May 3123:59,  June30, 2020 UTC-11 
[As of July 1, 2020] 
The 3rd(Final) Call for Papers is closed. Thank you very much for your submission. 
We will inform you the result of the review process via E-mail by the end of July.

[As of June 30, 2020] The 3rd(Final) Call for Papers is extended until 23:59, June30, 2020 UTC-11 (19:59, July 1 JST) . 
[As of June 1, 2020] The 3rd(Final) Call for Papers is extended until the end of June. 

We are accepting proposals for presentations in the following formats: 
 30-minute presentation (inclusive of 10-minute Q&A)
 70-minute panel discussion (inclusive of 20-minute Q&A)
 30-minute workshop (inclusive of around 20 minutes of active audience participation)
 Poster presentation (vertical orientation, 84cm x 110cm max)

[As of June 3, 2020]
[Important Note For Presenters]
Because the conference will be held online, we will be asking all presenters to prepare your presentation in on-demand video format. We will contact presenters with details later.

  • Submit a 200-word proposal.  Each person may submit a maximum of two proposals.
  • Presentations can be delivered in English or Japanese (no translation provided), but proposals must be in English.
  • Be sure to specify the format (from the list above), title (maximum 20 words), and presenter(s), and include the e-mail address of the lead (corresponding) presenter. 
  • Please select 1 (or a maximum of 2) of the Topic Codes below, and include it with your proposal in all-caps, to help us send proposals out to reviewers in a timely manner.
(If you are willing to serve as a reviewer, please send a separate e-mail to

This year’s conference will run the gamut from traditional Medical Humanities to the Expressive Therapies, highlighting the increasingly praxis-oriented direction of the Health Humanities, so we will prioritize submissions that are positioned in the following overarching categories:

  1. Education: How are the various fields in the humanities, arts, and social sciences contributing to the education of medical, nursing, dental, and other healthcare professionals? How are outcomes in this area being assessed?
  2. Practice (Implementation): How are the arts and humanities being implemented to impact the well-being of patients, health services users, non-professional carers, and healthcare professionals themselves? Who is collaborating and cooperating in such projects, and where are the occurring? How are outcomes being evaluated?
  3. Research: What research paradigms and methodologies from other fields are being applied in healthcare fields? How are academics in the humanities and arts studying health-related issues? What methodologies are being employed in the Health Humanities as an emerging discipline?
  4. Theory and Vision: How is the Health Humanities being defined and conceptualized? How can we put it to work locally and globally to improve individual, community, societal, and global health and well-being? How might it contribute to public health, sustainable and equitable healthcare systems, healthy longevity, and any of the other continuing and emerging health-related issues of our time?
Please include 1 or a maximum of 2 of the Topic Codes below with your submission, to help ensure a smooth review process:

*We are aware that the areas of Education, Practice, and Research nearly always overlap to some degree. Use your own judgment to choose which area embodies the primary thrust of your presentation, and if necessary, choose up to two codes to describe your proposal.

Topic Codes:
*HCP=Healthcare Professional
Category Topic Code English
ED-ETH Ethics in HCP education
ED-LIT Literature/narrative in HCP education
ED-HIST History in HCP education
ED-LING Linguistics in HCP education (includes language studies)
ED-PSYCH Psychology in HCP education
ED-SOC Sociology in HCP education
ED-ECON Economics in HCP education
ED-LAW Law in HCP education
ED-ANTH Anthropology in HCP education (includes medical anthropology and cross-cultural communication/competence)
ED-ARTS The arts in HCP education (and/or for practicing HCPs)
ED-DIS Disability studies in HCP education
ED-GEN Gender/LGBT studies in HCP education (includes diversity education)
ED-FILM Film/media studies in HCP education
ED-INT International education for HCPs (includes study abroad)
ED-OTHER  Other fields/issues in HCP education
Practice (Implementation)
PR-SPIRIT Religion/spirituality in healthcare practice (includes spiritual care)
PR-MUSIC Music in healthcare practice (includes music therapy)
PR-ART Art in healthcare practice (includes art therapy and art in healthcare facilities)
PR-DANCE Dance in healthcare practice
PR-DR Drama in healthcare practice
PR-LIT Literature in healthcare practice (includes bibliotherapy)
PR-ARCH Architecture/design in healthcare practice
PR-SOC Social work in healthcare practice
PR-ED Educational theory applied to healthcare practice
PR-OTHER Other fields/topics applied to healthcare practice
R-ANTH Anthropology/ethnography in health or healthcare-related research
R-LIT Literature in health or healthcare-related research (includes narrative medicine)
R-LING Linguistics in health or healthcare-related research
R-SOC Sociology in health or healthcare-related research
R-PSYCH Psychology in health or healthcare-related research
R-H History in health or healthcare-related research
R-ECON Economics in health or healthcare-related research
R-OTHER Health or healthcare-related research in other fields
4. Theory & Vision HH-T Theory and vision regarding the Health Humanities as a whole
OTHER Topics that seem to fit in the overall scheme of Health Humanities, but not in any of these specific topic areas

Final Call for Papers is closed. Thank you very much for your submission. 

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