2022 Annual Meeting of Japan Association of Mineralogical Sciences (JAMS)


updated June 20, 2022

*We are preparing for JAMS 2022 Annual Meeting in a hybrid meeting with both on-site and online meeting.

* For the online format, we plan to use Zoom for oral presentations (on-site oral presentations are also connected to Zoom), and for poster presentations, we plan to use both on-site presentations and Confit's "e-poster."

*If there is a change in the details of the presemtation method, we will notify you via e-mail news and the 2022 annual meeting website.

【1】Oral Presentations (On-site and online)
1) The time allotted for each presentation is for 15 minutes (included discussion).
2) (On-site)Speakers can use only LCD projector.
3) (On-site)All meeting rooms will be equipped with a PC for Windows and a LCD projector for presentations.
4) Online Oral Presentations will be using ZOOM.
5) On-site Oral Presentations will also be conected online using ZOOM.
6) In order to ensure the smooth running of each session, speakers should test their files before presentation.
【2】Poster Presentations (On-site and online)
1) Poster presentations will be presented with on-site poster posting and online "e-poster" using Confit system, not Zoom.
2) We will inform you about the discussion function, core time, and submit deadline etc. of the online "e-poster" separately.
3) (On-site) The maximum useable board size is the width 90cm x the length 210cm.
4) On-site) Authors should be present at their poster boards during the core time.
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