The 34th Annual Conference of the Japanese Association for South Asian Studies

Message from Host University

The spread of COVID-19 pandemic has uncovered the problems hidden in the society and economy of South Asia. An example is the fact that many migrant workers and their families lost means of livelihood in the cities and tries to go back to their hometown in spite of nonavailability of public transportations after the Government of India implemented nationwide lockdown in March 2020. We found that the spread of the infection was affected differently by income groups. In South Asia, social security is vulnerable. Income inequality affects not only living standards but also the maintenance of life. This series of events poses problems that we as researchers need to address further.     

On the other hand, the South Asian world is also having an impact on Japanese society. Grameen Bank proved that lending to poor people can be maintained as a business. It was introduced to Japan as Grameen Japan in 2018, and is expected to contribute to provide livelihood to low-income households. There are many things that we need to learn from South Asia.

The JASAS 34th Annual Conference will be hold at Ikuta Campus of Senshu University online on October 9 and 10, 2021. JASAS introduced IT system for application of presentation. If you find some points for improvement, could you kindly suggest us? Your suggestion will be reflected in the improvement of IT system of JASAS.

At present, we are considering the possibility to hold the annual conference online. We are going to call for the abstract of presentation. If many members apply for the presentation in the annual conference and participate in discussion at the conference, it will be appreciated.

Coordinator of the 34th JASAS Annual Conference
Professor, Senshu Univrsity