The 34th Annual Conference of the Japanese Association for South Asian Studies



 Day 1 (9th Oct, 2021)
  13:00-15:05 Individual Paper Sessions 1, 2, 3, Panel session 1
  15:05-15:20 Break(15 minutes)
  15:20-17:20 Plenary Session(Room A)
  17:20-17:30 Break(10 minutes)
  17:30-18:00 General meeting / Award Ceremony(Room A)
 Day 2 (10th Oct, 2021)
  10:00-12:05 Individual Paper Sessions 4, 5, 6, Panel Session 2
  12:05-13:00 Lunch Break(55 minutes)
  13:00-15:05 Individual Paper Sessions 7, 8
, 9, 10






Conference Plenary Panel

15:20~17:20, Oct 9th, Room A

"Living Space and Community"

Chair: Shuji Uchikawa(Senshu University)
Presenters: Kazuki Minato (IDE-JETRO)
                "The nationwide lockdown and the reverse migration of labour in India"
                    Miharu Yui (Kwansei Gakuin University)
               "Public Intervention in Community Confrontation in India"
                    Sae Nakamura (Kyoto University)
               "Reconsidering the Concept of “Community” in Social Welfare: With a Focus on  
                         Elderly Support and Care in Sri Lanka"
                    Misako Kanno (Aoyama Gakuin University)
               "Socio-Cultural Aspects of Aging among Elderly Women in North India"
Commentator: Masaaki Ohashi (University of the Sacred Heart)
General Meeting/Award Ceremony
17:30 - 18:00, Oct 9th, Room A