The 37th Annual Conference of the Japanese Association for South Asian Studies

Call for Papers


Call for Papers

The 37th Annual Conference of Japanese Association for South Asian Studies (JASAS) will convene in September 28-29, 2024. The executive committee of the JASAS welcomes proposals (for both individual papers and panel sessions) from all members of international South Asian Studies community.


Application Period: 

12:00(JST), March 8 - 24:00(JST), April 19 2024 


Qualification for Presenters:

Every member of the JASAS and applicants for admission to the JASAS are welcome to submit either an abstract for an individual paper or a proposal for a panel. In a panel, more than half speakers must be the member of the JASAS. And panel organizers must be the member of the JASAS. 
Those who have not paid for annual membership fees are not eligible to present papers. Please go to "JASAS Member Page" and confirm your membership status, then pay outstanding annual membership fees (if you have any) immediately.

When you first log in to your "JASAS Member page", click [Login for the first time] and enter your email address registered as member information. You will then receive an email (Subject line: "Set up your password"). Please click on the URL in the email to create your confidential password.

JASAS Member Page  

If you have not applied for the JASAS membership yet and would like to submit a paper/panel proposal for the annual conference, please click "Apply for JASAS Membership" first and register your details, then go to "Abstract Submission" to register your proposal. Please note that you need to be recommended by two members of the association. Please obtain the approval of your recommenders and fill in their names in the application form. If there is no one nearby to recommend you, please fill in the names of both the President of the JASAS (Prof.
Maharjan, Keshav Lall) and the Secretary General (Assoc Prof. Aya Ikegame).

If you need to submit your proposal before receiving a confirmation mail from the JASAS admission office (usually it will take a few days to confirm), please select "Register as a non-member" for now to submit your abstract. 
If you are residing abroad, you are allowed to apply for presentation abstracts without joining the Japanese Association for South Asian Studies. 


Apply for JASAS Membership


Submission of Proposals:

Please register your proposal through this website. Click the "Abstract Submission" icon at the bottom of the page, and proceed in the order of affiliation, author information, presentation title, outline (100 words), and abstract upload.

  1. Your abstract will be included in the proceedings and uploaded on our website if your proposal is accepted after peer a review process.
  2. For the first registration of your proposal, you will be requested to obtain an account for the registration system. Please set the login ID and password. If you have forgotten your password, please reissue it from the "Forgot your password?" link on the login screen. We cannot answer any inquiries regarding login IDs and passwords.
  3. When registering your proposal, you will first be requested to enter every affiliation of the co-authors and presenters. Up to 15 affiliations and authors can be registered.
  4. After completing the submission, the completion email with the reception number will be sent to the registered address, usually within a few minutes. If you do not receive it, the registration process might not have been completed. Please confirm the details of registration.
  5. You can check, modify, or cancel your proposal as many times as you need until 19 April. However, any modification of registration will not be accepted after the deadline.
How to create abstracts:

*The duration of a paper presentation is 25 minutes (including 10 minutes for Q&A).
*The duration of a panel session is 100 minutes.

  1. Be sure to use the specified templates below. And each abstract should not exceed one page (including figures and tables).
    > JASAS37_Submission Form for Individual Papers
    > JASAS37_Submission Form for Panel Papers
    The panel organizer should combine the overall summary of the panel (one page) and the abstract of each presentation (one page for each presenter) together and submit it.

  2. Use Times New Roman for English. Use 14pt. (Bold) for the title, 12pt. (Bold) for the name and affiliation, and 12pt. for the text. *Check the instructions written in each template carefully.

  3. Please note that abstracts submitted in a different format will not be screened.

  4. Please save the abstract both in Word file format and PDF file format, and upload both files.  

Other Notifications:
  • The information on the recommended web browser for the registration system is available on the login screen. Even using recommended one, your registration may fail depending on your computer environment. In this case, please retry with a different computer.

  • It is expected that the server will be very busy just before the deadline, so please register with plenty of time. The office will not bear responsibility for any failure of registration due to congestion.

  • The office will not bear responsibility for any errors made by the applicant. Before clicking the “Submit” button, please confirm the contents.

Result Notification:

The proposal submitter will be notified the result after screening process by the end of June, 2024.


Abstract Submission:


Abstract Submission 



The 37th JASAS Annual Conference Office
E-mail: jasas-37th-annual-conference[at]
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