15th JBF Symposium


  We are pleased to announce that the 15th JBF Symposium will be held in a hybrid format from February 5th to 7th, 2024, at the Kyoto International Exhibition Hall (Miyako Messe) in Kyoto City. We look forward to exploring and deepening discussions on the new world of bioanalysis together with all of you.
  The theme for this year's symposium is "Toward the new world: The universality of scientific endeavor." This theme symbolizes the past and ongoing scientific exploration and adventures that have solved and challenging the issue in quantitative analysis of biological samples.
  Looking back the past, there was a time when factors affecting quantitation using LC-MS were not fully understood, making it difficult to ensure reproducibility across laboratories. However, advancements in fundamental and validation sciences, such as a deep understanding of analytical principles and methods for evaluating experimental accuracy, have made it possible to perform complex and delicate quantitative analyses. Such progress truly represents the spirit of scientific adventure.
  In terms of evaluation methods, the ICH M10 guideline reached Step 4 in 2022 and is now being implemented as Step 5 in various regions. The validation of analytical methods is being standardized internationally, and the exchange of information across countries or regions is becoming more active. From this perspective, we have included the word of the new world in the theme, implying the coming new world of rapid information exchange.
  The symposium program is planned to follow the format established in previous symposia. It will include basic lectures, invited presentations on important topics, poster presentations featuring challenging cases, presentations of the outcomes from discussion groups, a temporal discussion group within the symposium, as well as exhibitions and seminars by analytical instrument vendors and contract research organizations to share the latest technologies. Regarding the topics for invited talks, we are considering ICH M10 implementation, technical considerations for qPCR, study quality and reliability, evaluation of anti-drug antibodies, mass spectrometry, and the application of artificial Intelligence.
  The venue for the symposium is located near the Keage Power Plant of Lake Biwa Canal, which played a significant role in the urban regeneration of Kyoto during the Meiji era. We hope to deepen discussions while overlaying the new era of bioanalysis on the efforts of our predecessors who pioneered a new age. We hope to achieve meaningful interactions and information sharing with all of you at this symposium, with the aim of paving the way to the new world of bioanalysis.
June 2023
15th JBF Symposium
Makoto Niwa, Executive Committee Chair
(Nippon Shinyaku Co., Ltd.)
Tomoko Arakawa, Executive Committee Vice Chair
(Pfizer R&D Japan)