The 85th Annual Convention of the Japanese Psychological Association

Registration / Call for abstracts

▶Registration & Abstract Submission
Registration & Abstract Submission

 Early Registration Period
Opens May 6, 2021
Deadline July 26, 2021(5:00 PM Japan time)

Abstract Submission Period
Open May 6, 2021
Deadline May 28, 2021(5:00 PM Japan time)
   June 4, 2021 (5:00 PM Japan time; Extended)

People who are not members of the Japanese Psychological Association may apply online to attend the convention.
Members of academic societies that have a signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Japanese Psychological Association (see below) may attend at the same rates as JPA members and apply to present a poster.
List of Organizations with MOUs
  • American Psychological Association
  • Australian Psychological Society
  • British Psychological Society
  • Chinese Psychological Society
  • Indonesian Psychology Association
  • Korean Psychological Association
  • Malaysian Psychological Association
  • National Academy of Psychology, India
  • Psychological Association of the Philippines
  • Psychological Society of South Africa
  • Russian Psychological Society
  • Singapore Psychological Society
  • Swedish Psychological Association
  • Taiwanese Psychological Association
Registration Fee
  Early Standard
  Without Proceedings With Proceedings Without Proceedings
Honorary Member / Lifetime Member JPY 0 JPY 0 JPY 0
Regular Member / MOU Member (Regular) JPY10,000 JPY14,000 JPY13,000
Regular Member / MOU Member (70 years old and over) JPY6,000 JPY10,000 JPY8,000
Regular Member / MOU Member (Graduate student) JPY4,000 JPY8,000 JPY6,000
Non-member (Regular) JPY14,000 JPY18,000 JPY16,000
Non-member (70 years old and over) JPY6,000 JPY10,000 JPY8,000
Non-member (Graduate student) JPY5,000 JPY9,000 JPY7,000
Non-member (Undergraduate Student) JPY1,000 JPY5,000 JPY3,000
* Most of the papers in the proceedings will be in Japanese.
* Proceedings will be publicly available online on the 85th Annual Convention of the Japanese Psychological Association (JPA) website.
▶Refund Policy
Please understand that refunds cannot be issued for payments received to attend the 85th Annual Convention of the Japanese Psychological Association (JPA) and related events.
However, payments will be refunded in either of the following situations:
a. None of your submitted presentations was accepted and you have decided not to attend the convention
b. After registering as a tentative member, you are selected as a speaker at the Tutorial Workshop
Call for Abstracts
Members of academic societies that have a signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Japanese Psychological Association may apply to present a poster.
Presentation Categories
  • Theory / Method
  • Personality
  • Social / Culture
  • Clinical / Disorder
  • Crime / Delinquency
  • Mathematics / Statistics
  • Physiology
  • Sense / Perception
  • Cognition
  • Learning
  • Memory
  • Language / Thinking
  • Emotion / Motivation
  • Behavior
  • Development
  • Education
  • Industry / Traffic
  • Sports / Health
  • Gender
  • Environment
Presentation Requirements
To be officially recognized, presentations must satisfy two requirements, namely, that they are published in the Proceedings and a presentation poster (a PowerPoint file with approximately 12 – 25 slides, with no animation or sound) is submitted through our registration website by July 20. Virtual interaction with the presenters and attendees will be available using web chat system throughout the conference period, although the participation is not mandatory but optional.
Submission Guidelines
Please register the necessary information and your presentation abstract on the WEB System for Presentation Registration.
1. The abstract must be in text format without figures or tables and must clearly describe the number of participants and essential research results. You are not allowed to include information based on an estimation of unobtained data. The description should be clear so that the value of the obtained results can be understood. The abstract should be 1000 characters or less.
2. Please note that for the protection of personal data, you should avoid using descriptions that could lead to the identification of individuals such as research partners (initials, place of domicile, etc.).
3. Refrain from promoting specific individuals or your organization or using pejorative expressions.
4. Please do not forget to answer the questions about ethical review and conflicts of interest.
Notice Regarding Copyright Transfer
Convention organizers intend to make publicly available the abstracts presented at the convention. For that reason, presenters must agree to transfer copyright to the Japanese Psychological Association (Public Interest Incorporated Association) when submitting their abstracts. Please be aware that by submitting your abstracts, you are agreeing to transfer copyright to JPA. For more information, please see the submission page on the convention website.
Further details will be announced on this homepage.