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[A-OS09] Ocean Mixing Processes: Impact on Biogeochemistry, Climate and Ecosystem

Sun. May 26, 2019 3:30 PM - 5:00 PM Poster Hall (International Exhibition Hall8, Makuhari Messe)

convener:Ichiro Yasuda(Atmosphere and Ocean Research Institute, The University of Tokyo), Toshiyuki Hibiya(Department of Earth and Planetary Science, Graduate School of Science, University of Tokyo), Jun Nishioka(Hokkaido University, Institute of low temperature sciences), Shin-ichi Ito(Atmosphere and Ocean Research Institute, The University of Tokyo)

The interdisciplinary study on ocean diapycnal mixing and its impacts (Ocean Mixing Processes: Impact on Biogeochemistry, Climate and Ecosystem (OMIX) 2015-2020) is opening the integrated sciences from physical, chemical, biological oceanography to climate and fisheries sciences. In this section, results during the four years of OMIX projects and other related presentations are all welcome to be summarized and to facilitate plans of next projects.

*Yumi Abe1, Shoshiro Minobe1,5, Takamitsu Ito2, Curtis Deutsch3, Matthew C. Long4 (1.Department of Natural History Sciences, Graduate School of Science,Hokkaido University, Sapporo, Japan, 2.School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Georgia, USA, 3.School of Oceanography, University of Washington, Seattle, Washington, USA, 4.Climate and Global Dynamics Laboratory, National Center for Atmospheric Research, Boulder, Colorado, USA, 5.Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Faculty of Science, Hokkaido University, Sapporo, Japan)

*Chin-chang Hung1, Dewang Li2, Wen-Chen Chou3, Yung-Yen Shih1,4, Guan-Yu Chen1 (1.Department of Oceanography, National Sun Yat Sen University, Kaohsiung, Taiwan, 2.Second Institute of Oceanography, State Oceanic Administration, Hangzhou, PRC, 3.Institute of Marine Environmental Chemistry and Ecology, National Taiwan Ocean University, Taiwan, 4.Department of Applied Science, R.O.C Naval Academy, Kaohsiung, Taiwan)




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