The 63rd Annual Meeting of Jpn. Petrol. Inst. (The 69th R&D Symposium of JPI)

Overview program

Date: May 24-25, 2021
Venue: Online meeting
1st Day, May 24 (Mon.), 2021

[25th JPIJS poster session] (11:45-14:45) detailed program (pdf file, in Japanese)
[JPI President's address] (14:50-14:55) 
Takashi MATSUSHITA, JPI President   
[Guest greeting] (14:55-15:00)
[Award lecture-JPI Award] (15:00-15:45)
"Novel preparation of highly dispersed metal and metal oxide catalysts and MOF, and their application to petrochemical processes″
   Takanori MIYAKE, Kansai University

[Special lecture] (16:00-17:00)
"Carbon Pricing in the world and its prospects in Japan"
Toshi, H. ARIMURA, Waseda University

[Special lecture] (17:00-18:00)
  "Exploitation and exploration of DX in the manufacturing industry"
Naohiko URAMOTO, Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corp.

2nd Day, May 25 (Tue.), 2021
[69th R&D Sympo. of JPI] (9:45-17:15) detailed rogram (pdf file, in Japanese)

[Invited lecture] (13:00-14:50)
"Work style and diversity promotion in the new normal era"
Michiyo TERAKAMI, Idemitsu Kosan Co., Ltd.
"Upgrade refineries by introducing digital technology" (13:25-13:50)
Yuichi TANAKA, ENEOS Corp. 
"Advanced AI technology for process prediction(14:00-14:25)
Shun TOYOKAWA, Chiyoda Corp.
“Upgrading of unconventional crude and heavy fraction using supercritical fluids″(14:25-14:50)  
Jaehoon KIM, Sungkyunkwan University
[Award lecture-JPI Award for Distinguished Papers]
"Core structure analysis of heavy oil components with Fourier transform ion cyclotron resonance mass spectrometry(10:15-15:45)
                    Shogo TERATANI, JGC Holdings Corp.
"Toward the establishment of sustainable separation and recycling technology for asphalt mixtures -Rejuvenating aging bitumen by hydropyrolysis-(15:00-15:30)
Kengo AKATSU, Nihon University 
[Award lecture-JPI Award for Encouragement of Res. & Develop.]
"Development of functionally integrated nanoporous catalysts that enables adsorption and chemical conversion of carbon dioxide(16:15-16:45)
                  Yasutaka KUWAHARA, Osaka University 
"Development of alloy catalysts highly efficient for deNOx and alkane dehydorgenation(11:30-12:00)
               Shinya FURUKAWA, Hokkaido University
"Development of niobia-supported gold nanoparticle catalyst for air purification at room temperature(15:00-15:30) 
Toru MURAYAMA, Tokyo Metropolitan University
"Study on dehydrogenation of lower alkane with hydrogen sulfide
Ryo WATANABE, Shizuoka University
"Development of produced water treatment technology and oily waste reduction technology to meet local needs
Keisuke KOJIMA, Shimizu Corp.