Hakodate Conv. of JPI (51st Petroleum-Petrochemical Symposium of JPI)

Outline of program

Main programs
FY2020 JPI awards ceremony and
Award ceremony for the excellent business of training equipment maintenance manager
(1st Day, Hakodate Citizen Hall, 3F, 16:20-16:45)
Address from President of JPI
(1st Day, Hakodate Citizen Hall, 3F, 16:55-17:00)
 President of JPI Takashi MATUSHITA
Special lecture
(1st Day, Hakodate Citizen Hall, 3F, 17:00-18:00)
"CCS demonstration tests in Tomakomai and suitable CO2 storage sites in Japan -our approach-"
            Japan CCS Co., Ltd. President  Toshiaki NAKAJIMA
Invited lectures
 [Natural resources exploration] 2nd Day, Room E
 "Methane flux in the subduction zone and accretionary prism — a sustainable natural gas resource" (13:00-13:45)
    Noriyuki SUZUKI (Hokkaido Univ.)
[Mercury removal] 2nd Day, Room D
 "Marcury and Enviroment and Music" (9:00-9:30)
                                          Yuusaku MIZUKI (IH Technology )

[Polymer/Oligomer】1st Day, Room F
 "Controlled polymerization of ethylene and conjugated dienes by transition metal catalysts" (10:30-11:15)
Daisuke TAKEUCHI (Hirosaki Univ.)

 "Theoretical studies on XANES spectra and reaction mechanism of transition metal complex catalysts" (13:30-14:15)
                                  Naoki NAKATANI (Tokyo Metropolitan Univ.)

[Biomass utilization technology] Room B
 "Catalytic transformation of biomass into chemicals" (1st Day, 10:45-11:30)
Atsushi FUKUOKA (Hokkaido Univ.)

 "Renewable energy utilization systems toward carbon zero society considering regional specific conditions" (2nd Day, 14:15-15:00)
Kazuei ISHII (Hokkaido Univ.)

[Waste plastic processing] 2nd Day, Room B
 "Overview of the development innovative plastic recycling process technology: focusing on chemical recycling" (2nd Day, 9:00-9:30)
Masahiko MATSUKATA (Waseda Univ.)

[Equipment maintenance] 1st Day, Room D
 "Development of robotics technology for new plant operation and maintenance under digital twin environment" (9:15-9:45)
                                                        Shizuka IKAWA (Chiyoda Corp.)

[International sess.]  Room A
 “Dehydrogenative conversion of small molecules–from alcohol electrolysis to methane polymerization–” (1st Day, 13:00-13:30)
Hitoshi OGIHARA (Saitama Univ.)
 “Precise synthesis, characterization, and reactivity of multi-functional catalysts”
(1st Day, 13:30-14:00)
Insoo RO (Seoul National Univ. Sci. Tech.)
 “Heterogeneous catalytic conversion of C1 gas to value-added chemicals”
(2nd Day, 9:00-9:30)
Jayeon BAEK (Korea Institute of Industrial Technology)
 “Development of microporous titanosilicate catalyst for the oxidation of phenol with H2O2” (2nd Day, 9:30-10:00)
Satoshi INAGAKI (Yokohama National Univ.)
“Computational studies on atomic layer deposition mechanisms of Al2O3
 (2nd Day, 13:30-14:00)
Ki Chul KIM (Konkuk  Univ.) 
“Data-driven catalyst discoveries based on High-throughput experimentation”
(2nd Day, 14:00-14:30)                                   
Toshiaki TANIIKE (Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology) 
[Continuous process automation] 2nd Day, Room F
"Subjects for process automation" (13:15-13:45)
             Tetsuo FUCHINO (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
"Automatic plant operation utilizing AI and big data analysis in waste-to-energy plants" (13:45-14:15)
Hiroshi KOJIMA (JFE Engineering Corp.)
"Leverage multivariate analysis in process industry and outlook for integration into advanced process control" (14:30-15:00)
Akio YUZA (AspenTech Pte Ltd.)
"Guidance system for transition operation of chemical plants under real disturbance situations" (15:00-15:30)
(NEC-AIST AI Cooperative Research Laboratory (AIST))

"Practical application of autonomous control in petrochemical plants and digitization of human knowledge" (15:30-16:00)
    Yutaka YASUNAMI (Microsoft Japan)
"Application of AI technology to plant asset and control" (16:15-16:45)
Keiichiro KOBUCHI (Yokogawa Electric Corp.)
"Introduction for FCC AI optimizer and future prospects" (16:45-17:15)
Motoki IRIKURA (Chiyoda Corp.)
Oral presentation
 1st Day (9:00-16:00), 2nd Day (9:00-17:30)  (see detailed program)
Poster sess.
 1st Day (10:00-16:00), 2nd Day (9:00-17:00)  (see detailed program)
Public seminar
 1st Day, Hakodate Citizen Hall, 3F, 13:00-14:45