Nagano Conv. of JPI (52nd Petroleum-Petrochemical Symposium of JPI)

​Applicants guide for the poster sessions

Poster sessions will be held on-site only at this time (no online posting or online Q&A). Q&A for poster presentations (on-site only) will be conducted as follows.

  Those who have applied for the poster session are requested to prepare abstract and poster according to the following instructions. Abstracts will be available on the convention website two days prior to the convention.

  One Best Poster Award will be selected for this poster session. The Best Poster Award will be announced after the convention in the form of a notification to the presenters and on the convention website.

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(1) Preparation and prior submission of abstract 

1) Submission of abstract manuscript (pdf file)
Submission period:  Sep. 7, 2022 (Wed.) 13:00 -
                          Sep. 21, 2022 (Wed.) 13:00 (strictly observed)
Manuscript size and file format: A5 size, 1 sheet, 1 page, pdf file 
    (tenplate file download), 10 MB or less
Submission method: Upload the following submission site

Submission Site

Publication: Available on this website from October 25.
(2) Posting and removal of posters
  The size of the poster board is 90 cm (W) * 210 cm (H). Please make your poster within the size of the board and bring the printed poster to the venue.

  Posters should be attached to the board using thumbtacks or tape. (Please prepare your own tacks and tape).

  As a rule, posters will be displayed from 10:00 on Day 1 to 15:00 on Day 2. (Posting times may be adjusted according to the convenience of the presenter.)

  However, if posters are still displayed after 16:00 on the second day, the secretariat will dispose of them.
(3)  Questions and Answers (Q&A) for poster presentations
  Q&A for poster presentations will be conducted as follows.
  Odd number: 1st Day, 11:30-13:00
  Even number: 2nd Day, 11:30-13:00