Nagano Conv. of JPI (52nd Petroleum-Petrochemical Symposium of JPI)

Outline of program

Award ceremony for the excellent business of training equipment maintenance manager
(1st Day, Acty Hall, 1F, 16:30-16:45)
Address from President of JPI
(1st Day, Acty Hall, 1F, 16:55-17:00)
 President of JPI Atsushi MURAMATSU
Special lecture
(1st Day, Acty Hall, 1F, 17:00-18:00)
"The Potential of the Japanese Wine Industry and the Challenges It Faces:
Climate Change and a Global Perspective" 
           Miyuki KATORI
(Research Prof. of Shinshu Univ.・Chief Director of Japan Vineyard Assoc.)
Invited lectures
 [Natural resources exploration] 1st Day, Room B
 "Scales of time and space in sequence stratigraphy" (13:00-13:45)
Koichi HOYANAGI (Shinshu Univ.)
[Mercury removal] 1st Day, Room F
 "Development of lithium recovery process  from seawater and brines"
                                          Kazuharu YOSHIZUKA (Univ. Kitakyushu )

[Polymer/Oligomer】2nd Day, Room E
 "Development of living coordination-polymerization catalysts and its application for tailor-made cyclic-olefin copolymers" (10:45-11:30)
Takeshi SHIONO (Hiroshima Univ.)

 "Catalytic pyrolysis of polyolefin towards combination with petroleum refinery" (13:45-14:30)
                                  Naonobu KATADA (Tottori Univ.)

[Biomass utilization technology] 2nd Day, Room B
 "Co-processing of biomass resources in catalytic cracking process
  – Reaction analysis with experiments and machine learning –"
Iori SHIMADA (Shinshu Univ.)
[Hydrogen production・energy carriers・CCU/Carbon recycle]
2nd Day, Room A
"Future prospects of renewables and hydrocarbons" (9:00-9:30)
Yasushi SEKINE (Waseda Univ.)

[Plastic recycle1st Day, Room C
 "Overview of the development innovative plastic recycling process technology: focusing on chemical recycling" (11:00-11:30)
Yasunori KIKUCHI (Univ. Tokyo)
 "The past and future of chemical recycling for waste plastics" (11:30-12:00)
                                                        Tohru KAMO (Waseda Univ.)

[Methane reaction catalysts] 2nd Day, Room C
Considering the survival of oil industries in a turbulent environment such as climate change and decarbonization(9:00-9:30)
"Designing methan oxidation catalysts via catalysts informatics(13:00-13:30)
Keisuke TAKAHASHI (Hokkaido Univ.)

[International sess.]  Room F
“Nano-metal phosphides as green sustainable hydrogenation catalysts” 
 (1st Day, 13:00~13:30)            
Takato MITSUDOME (Osaka Univ.)  
“Low-dimensional assembling of iron-aqua complexes for designing post-TiO2(1st Day, 14:45~15:15)                     
Yusuke IDE (National Institute for Materials Science)
“Oxidative coupling of methane on alkaline tungstate catalysts”
 (2nd Day, 10:45~11:15)              
Kazuhiro TAKANABE (Univ. Tokyo) 
Oral presentation
 1st Day (9:30-16:00), 2nd Day (9:00-17:00)  (see detailed program)
Poster sess.
Posting:1st Day (10:00-16:00), 2nd Day (9:00-15:00)  (see detailed program)
QA: odd number (1st Day, 11:30-13:00), even number (2nd Day, 11:30-13:00)

Public seminar
 1st Day, Acty Hall, 1F, 13:00-14:30 (see detailed program)