The 69th Annual Conference of Japanese Society for Engineering Education


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(2021/09/22 9:55 AM)

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(2021/09/21 3:50 PM)

The video of the symposium "Creation of New Learning Places and Quality Guarantee in Engineering Education" is now available.

(2021/09/14 3:26 PM)

Video of Special Lecture 1 "100 Years of Life: Expectations of the Japan Society for Engineering Education" by Hiroshi Yamamura, Mayor of Sakaki Town, is now available.

(2021/09/14 1:24 PM)

PDF files of papers and posters are available until the evening of September 17 (Fri.). Please download the PDF files of the proceedings by that time. Please wait a little longer for the video release of the event.

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1A05 コロナ禍における技術系地域連携サークルの活動
 ○横尾 拓海、平川 康平、稲津 尚、小林 牧子 (熊本大学自然科学教育部)

2A02 ペアリングによって構築する研究体制
 ○米盛 弘信(サレジオ工業高等専門学校)

2A05  オンラインによる一般教養教員との卒業研究指導の取り組み
 ○豊谷 純、間田 潤 (日本大学生産工学部)

2D02 タスクベースCLIL教材の設計
 ○青柳 成俊(長岡工業高等専門学校)、樫村 真由(東京工業高等専門学校)、山村 ジョディ(武田高等学校)

P-02 印刷会社と連携した社会実装教育の教育効果(2)
 ○南出 章幸(国際高等専門学校)、竹俣 一也(金沢工業大学)、藤島 悟志、小高 有普(国際高等専門学校)、吉田 正就(金沢工業大学)、高橋 丈雄(国際高等専門学校))

(2021/09/10 5:23 PM)

International session Awardは,10/5の委員会にて決定されます.
At the closing ceremony after the symposium, the presentation awards will be announced. Last year, we gave up on the selection process, but this time, with the cooperation of the chairpersons and vice chairpersons, we were able to make the selection. Please look forward to the results!
The International session award will be decided at the committee meeting on October 5.

(2021/09/10 4:26 PM)

The handouts of the special event "Deans Meeting" held on September 9 are now available. Please wait for a while for the video.

(2021/09/10 9:22 AM)

次年度第70回年次大会・講演会予告/Announcement of the 70th Annual Meeting
Prof. Okada, the president of Kanto Society for Engineering Education, announced the schedule of the conference on September 7 (Wed.) to 9 (Fri.), 2022

(2021/09/10 8:46 AM)

Materials for the symposium "Creation of New Learning Places and Quality Guarantee in Engineering Education", which will be held at the webinar room from 15:15 today, are also available. Please come and join us.

(2021/09/10 8:15 AM)

Good morning! The last day has come and gone without a hitch. We would like to thank everyone for their cooperation and support.

(2021/09/10 8:05 AM)

The last session of the second day will be the online meeting starting at 16:30. Please come prepared with food and drinks as much as you can. Let's make it a great time!

(2021/09/09 4:09 PM)

Two videos of the Special Lecture I on the first day (MEXT and METI) are now available. Mayor Yamamura's video is under preparation.

(2021/09/09 10:21 AM)

●発表取り下げ / Withdrawal●
10日(金)3B03取り下げ:札野 順氏(早稲田大学)
Saturday, 10th, 3B03 withdrawn: Jun Fudano (Waseda University)
The chairperson of the session was changed to Mr. Yukito Kobayashi (NIT, Kumamoto

(2021/09/09 9:23 AM)

Please use the comment function to ask questions and discuss the text of oral and poster presentations.

(2021/09/09 8:09 AM)

Good morning! It's even cooler in Tokyo today! Today, the second day of the conference, there will be an international session, Dean meeting , and an online meeting.

(2021/09/09 8:08 AM)

The program for the first day has been completed. We look forward to seeing you tomorrow!

(2021/09/08 5:44 PM)

Mr. Yamamura, former vice president of JSEE and mayor of Sakaki Town, began his lecture at the webinar.

(2021/09/08 4:38 PM)