The 69th Annual Conference of Japanese Society for Engineering Education

Online Meeting

We are happy to host virtual tables (breakout rooms) for committees, research meetings, and organized sessions. Please make use of it as an opportunity to exchange opinions, exchange ideas.

16:30 - Greetings   Akira OKADA (Kanto Society for Engineering Education) 
16:33 - Toast  Yoshihiko AMANO (Shinshu University)
16:35 - Exchange of opinions in the breakout room
18:00  Adjournment

Table and Message from the Host
Room1.Activation of Graduation Research ⇒ Industry
Table host: Yukiyoshi KOBAYASHI(Tokyo City University)
The Engineering Education Research Committee is promoting the quality assurance of education in Japan, and aims to revitalize research by this. I feel that recent educational improvements (JABEE's education system, liberal arts, P.B.L.) are practicing the quality assurance of learning habits. I would like to share our thoughts on education with teachers who have various consepts in various fields. We look forward to talking to you.

Room2.Student Activities
Table host: Hironobu YONEMORI(Salesian Polytechnic)
At universities and technical colleges, students are challenging various activities, such as participating in various competitions and conducting science classes.  In the breakout session, we would like to exchange opinions about students' extracurricular activities, including "with COVID-19" and "after COVID-19".  We look forward to your participation.

Room3.Reconsidering Communication for Engineers
Table host: Takeo NIKAMI (Kogakuin University), Atsuko K. Yamazaki (Digital Hollywood University, Graduate School)
I have been serving as the Chair of Communication Education Survey & Research Committee (Nikami). Along with the advancement of human resource development for Society 5.0 and remote working due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the need to enhance the communication ability, including the online communication ability, has been further advocated. To proceed with this newly established committee, the committee would like you to share your attempts and actions for communication ability enhancement as well as your opinions and viewpoints regarding communication issues for engineers. Please join this networking table. We welcome all participants, including those from companies.

Table host: Takashi SATO (Niigata College of Technology)
As the working group promoting diversity in Engineering Education under the ad hoc committee of JSEE, we have decided to start what we call a "Diversity Research Group" according to the reformation of JSEE, in the 2021 academic year. Prof. Takashi SATO will be the chief of this new Research Group and he has high hopes, for very lively discussions of the concept. We invite you all to join us.

Room5.Positive Engineering Education
Table host: Yukito KONBAYASHI (NIT, Kumamoto College)
On this table, we would like to talk about how to develop and implement  "positive engineering education for the formation of engineers who aspire to promote the well-being of the society. Anyone who has genuine intrest in this new educational approach is more than welcome.

Room6.Project-based Learning
Table host: Shigehiko FURUYA (Kanazawa Institute of Technology), Takatomi MIYATA (Kanazawa Institute of Technology)
We would like to talk about the "effect of project-based learning".We hope that all the participants will share your experience.We look forward to your participation.

Room7.Efforts at KOSEN
Table host: Hisashi USUI (NIT, Gunma College)
We would like to talk about practice of human resources development for science and engineering, mainly on the efforts at KOSEN.

Room8.Polytechnic Science
Table host: Norikatsu FUJITA (Polytechnic University) , Minoru HOSHINO(Osaka Electro-Communication University)
We would like to talk about manufacturing skills, including the concept of human sensibility such as ambiguity and uncertainty. For example, "visualization of skills," "human resource development and issues in response to the fourth industrial revolution," and "human resource development for manufacturing in companies. We invite you all to join us.

Room9.Universal Engineering
Table host: Kiyoshi SHIBATA (Former Chiba Institute of Technology)
We propose “Universal Engineering”, that is consisted with essential knowledge and concept, covering over engineering, which everyone, both engineering expert and layperson, should possess. The purpose of Engineering education is to cultivate public comprehensive understanding of engineering, as well as to develop highly professional engineers. Please refer 3C14 on this annual meeting. We are looking forward to exchange the idea on this issue, from its significance to detailed contents., on this table.

Room10.How to make the journal of JSEE attractive?
Table host: Yukihiko SATO (Chiba University) , Tohru YAGI (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
The Journal of JSEE, which you hold in your hands, is planned and edited through active discussions at the monthly meetings of the Editorial and Publication Committee. At this table, we would like to invite many of you, who are usually readers, to join in the discussion and think of an attractive journal of JSEE from a new perspective. Your ideas may become a special issue in the future.

Room11.International Collaboration & DX in Engineering Education
Table host: Masahiro INOUE (Keio University), Tetsuo OKA (Shibaura Institute of Technology)
This is a joint effort of the International Committee and the Research and Study Committee on Digitalization and Digital Transformation of Engineering Education. We will exchange views on international exchange, international exchange in and after the corona pandemic. As for the DX in engineering education, we would like to share information on online classes, data-driven education, engineering education using online and face-to-face, and recurrent education. We look forward to your participation.

Room12.Quality Assurance of Education
Table host: Yukitoshi NAGAHARA (Tokyo Denki University)
This committee investigates and researches effective initiatives that lead to quality assurance and improvement in higher education. We are planning to plan and implement workshops in the future to systematize domestic and international initiatives. Please let us know if there are any topics you would like us to cover.

Room13.Consultation on "Professional engineering educator"
Table host: Koyo KATSURA (Kogakuin University)
JSEE operates a qualification system for "Professional engineering educator". The system is designed to objectively evaluate and certify the educational abilities of those involved in the education and training of engineers. If you are interested in becoming a certified educator, please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.

Room14.Dean etc.
Table host: Kazutoshi FUKUI(Univ. of Fukui)
Over the past year and a half, every university and technical college has provided online education throughout their organizations.Since there must have been differences between organizations in their approach to online education before the Corona disaster, the approach for the past year and a half was different for each organization.However, on the other hand, there are many similar problems in the operation of online education throughout the organization. Since this is a special exchange event, we would like to hear from those who stopped by without deciding the speaker in advance, and I hope they will help each other in the future.