The 70th Annual Conference of Japanese Society for Engineering Education


The manual has been updated to reflect the change to online speakers and audiences. Please be sure to read it carefully and be prepared.

(2022/08/05 11:00 AM)

We regret to inform you that due to the spread of the seventh wave of the new coronavirus and its impact on public transportation, we have decided to abandon our original plan to hold the conference in a hybrid format, and to change only some of the conference events to be broadcast from the venue.
As a result, all lectures in the Engineering Education Research Lectures and International Sessions will be given online. No speakers will be allowed to speak at the venue. The same applies to the Educational Power Improvement Session.
Some of the events will be streamed in real time from the venue (arrangements will be made with the lecturers and other attendees). Please note that you will not be able to attend these events at the venue.
For more details, please refer to the left frame of the General information.

(2022/07/29 3:14 PM)

Information on workshops to be held in the Organized Sessions (in Japanese) is now available.

(2022/07/21 11:20 AM)

Requests for chairperson and vice chairperson have been made. In principle, a committee member will be in charge of the vice chairperson.
(Some OSs will have more than one vice chairpersons.)

(2022/07/16 3:54 PM)

We have received a special lecture title from Prof. Soichi Noguchi (ex-JAXA), specially appointed professor of Nihon University College of Science and Technology! The title of his special lecture is "Beyond Science and Engineering Education: Comprehensive Knowledge acquired through Integrating Humanities and Science" (by DeepL). I'm looking forward to it!
The contents of the Educational Power Improvement Session have also been posted!

(2022/07/14 3:14 PM)

Thank you for your patience! Program and timetable are now available!

(2022/07/11 12:02 PM)

[Conference Program] We regret to inform you that, in accordance with the rules of the host institution, the information exchange meeting scheduled for the evening of the 2nd day (8th) will not be held.

(2022/07/11 9:08 AM)

Instructions for Presenters, Audience, and Chairpersons, and Manual are now available. The program of the Session is now being organized!

(2022/07/01 11:21 AM)

The conference program is now available.

(2022/06/20 1:51 PM)

Due to the date of the meeting of the lecture committee, the notification of acceptance or rejection has been delayed. Please wait a little longer.

(2022/06/14 9:40 AM)

The event will be held in a hybrid format at Nihon University's College of Science and Engineering (Surugadai Campus).
For this year's conference, the presentation fees for individual members of Kanto Society for Engineering Education (KTSEE) and also non-individual-members belonging to member organizations of KTSEE will be covered by KTSEE.
We look forward to receiving a large number of applications from members of the Kanto Society for Engineering Education

(2022/04/04 9:40 AM)

Abstract submission and registration will begin on April 4.

(2022/04/01 4:02 PM)

Organized Sessions (OS) will be held on 12 themes. For details, please see the Call for Papers.

(2022/03/23 4:19 PM)

The 70th website is now open!

(2022/01/17 4:40 PM)