The 73rd Conference of the Japan Society of Physical Education, Health and Sports Sciences

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生涯スポーツ研究部会 » 【課題B】生涯スポーツは・人・地域社会・産業といかに関連するか


Thu. Aug 31, 2023 9:00 AM - 9:29 AM RY306 (良心館3階RY306番教室)

Chair: Kazuya Naruse

9:15 AM - 9:29 AM

[生涯スポーツ-B-05] Remedies of University Sports in India Perspective to Supply Maximum Players for International Competition(政)


Introduction: Sports, games, and physical fitness are crucial aspects of our civilization and education system. They provide a platform for individuals to evaluate themselves and develop intellectual and physical abilities. Required standard *sports policies* to promote higher level competitions.

Purpose: To organize National *University games*, special coaching camp, advance training for highly talented budding athletes.To supply the maximum number of talented budding players for high performance.
At Present: Poor Sports Policies. Unplanned AIU Calendar. Minimum financial resources. No data Bank for Professional personals. Organise very less World Inter University Competition. No advance financial support for tournament. Non-technical person more in the decisions making committee. Physical Education and Sports not yet *mandatory* in all educational level. Broad base principles are not maintaining.
Recommendation: Indian University teams required to participate more in high level competitions. Introduce State wise Inter University competition. Four AIU branch office at four megacities. Required good facilities for all sports personnel. Create data bank for Professional personals. Take allotment from FISU to organize any World Inter University Competition. Arrange Sports tour, camp. MoU required with various organisation.
Conclusion: Change the *Vision* of our University Sports for high level performance.
Keywords: Sports policies, University games, Mandatory, Vision.