Autumn Meeting of the Japan Society of Powder and Powder Metallurgy, 2021

Q&A for presentations

Q&A for presentations 

Q&A for presentations will be available from November 9th (Tue) 10:00 to 11th (Thu) 24:00.

1) Q&As of all presentations are available for "Comment function".
    Please upload your questions by noon on November 11th as much as  possible.
2) Q&As are open to the public. All the participants watch the Q&A.
3) Q&As in the general session are only available for  "Comment function".
4) Q&A session time in the live streaming of the special issue will be had after each presentation.However, there may be a set time for Q&A for each special issue as follows.
* Special Issue: Recent Advances of Materials and Technologies on Additive Manufacturing
   Q&A session time: November 10 (Wed) 15:00-16:25

Special Issue: New Developments of Technology and Study for Hard (Tool) Materials
   Q&A session time: November 11 (Thu)  9:30-10:50

Special Issue: PM Materials with Unique Microstructures and their Multi-functionalization
   Q&A session time: November 11 (Thu)  15:40-16:40

  Here is a detail announcement of Q&A. Please check it.