Autumn Meeting of the Japan Society of Powder and Powder Metallurgy, 2021

Special Issue

(1) New Developments of Technology and Study for Hard (Tool) Materials

(2) New Development of the Environment and Energy Related Materials
  Using Particle Processing for Green Science

(3) Control and Manipulation of Microstructure in Magnetic Materials for
  Functional Devices

(4) PM Materials with Unique Microstructures and their Multi-functionalization

(5) Fundamentals and Applications of Metallic Glasses, Nano-crystalline
  Materials and High Entropy Alloys
  ( Cosponsored by JSMS Committee on Metallic Glasses
   < JSMS: The Society of Materials Science, Japan> )

(6) Recent Advances of Materials and Technologies on Additive Manufacturing

(7) Electronic Components and Materials for Technological Innovation in the New
  Normal Era

(8) PM Parts and Manufacturing Technologies Leading to SDGs