International Conference on Powder and Powder Metallurgy, 2023, Kyoto (JSPMIC2023)

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A-1 Powder and Colloidal Processing
B-1 Powder Compaction
B-2 Additive Manufacturing with Powder Metallurgy
C-1 Spark Plasma Sintering and Field/Current Assisted Process
C-2 Powder Manufacturing and Treatment
C-3 Modeling and Simulation
D-1 Synthesis and Properties of Structural Materials
E-1 Cemented Carbide&Hard Coating
F-1 Hard Magnetic Materials
G-1 Nano Composite and Bio-medical Materials
G-2 Optical Materials
G-3 Ionic Conducting & Battery Materials
G-4 Magnetic, Superconducting, Electric, Dielectric and Thermoelectric Materials
G-5 Porous and Cellular Materials
G-6 Functionally Graded and Layered Materials