The 67th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society for Virology

Call for Abstracts

Abstract Submission Deadline

Abstract Submission deadline is now passed.
Thank you for submitting your abstract for JSV 2019.



To submit an abstract, the following criteria must be met :

The first and presenting author must be a member of the Japanese Society for Virology (JSV). Nonmembers who wish to submit abstracts should join JSV first.
The JSV membership number is required when you submit an abstract. 
Please put 007-999-9999 if you are in the process of joining JSV members.
JSV membership is not necessarily required for those who belong to overseas facilities.
International students in Japan should join JSV membership if they wish to submit abstracts.
Join JSV membership through the website of The Japanese Society for Virology

*Inquiry about JSV membership
The Japanese Society for Virology
c/o Microbiological Science, Inc.
4-13-18 Koishikawa, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 112-0002, Japan
Guideline for Abstract Submission
1. Presentation Style/Language
1) Workshop・Oral ・Presentation time ・・・English
2) Poster ・・・English or Japanese
Presentation Style Abstract Title(*1) Abstract Text Authors(*1) Affiliations(*1)

presentation time
/ Q&A (*2)

Workshop English
English English
Oral English
English English
Poster English
*1: Japanese authors are requested to put both Japanese and English.
*2: The presentation time may be changed depending on the number of applicants.

2. How to submit an abstract
All abstracts should be submitted electronically through Online Abstract Submission System, Confit.
*Abstracts should not be submitted by post or e-mail.
*Browser to be used are;
 •Microsoft Edge (latest version) / •Internet Explorer (latest version)
 •Firefox (latest version) / •Safari (latest version) / •Chrome (latest version)

Abstract text should be structured as follows: Objectives - Methods - Results - Discussion.
Abstract title and text are within140 characters, and 2,000 characters reservedly.
Please retain your login ID and  password (you set your own login ID whithin 32 characters, and password between 8 and 32 characters long).
For security reasons, the secretariat is not arrowed to respond to inquiries concerning ID and passwords.

3. Abstract Category

Within each category (A, B, and C), please select the topic most suitable topics for your presentation.
[A]   [C]
A01 Retroviruses   C01 Plant viruses
A02 Orthomyxoviruses   C02 Insect viruses
A03 Hepatitis Viruses(HAV, HBV, HCV, HDV and HEV)   C03 Adenoviridae
A04 DNA viruses   C04 Alphaherpesvirinae
A05 Positive strand RNA viruses   C05 Arenaviridae
A06 Negative strand and ambisense RNA viruses   C06 Astroviridae
A07 Double-stranded RNA viruses   C07 Asfarviridae
A08 Others(including prions, viroids and phages)   C08 Betaherpesvirinae
      C09 Bornaviridae
[B]   C10-1 Hantaviridae
B01 Structure   C10-2 Phenuiviridae
B02 Virus entry   C10-3 Nairoviridae
B03 Genome and gene expression   C11 Caliciviridae
B04 Assembly and release   C12 Coronaviridae
B05 Replication of genome   C13 Filoviridae
B06 Viral spread and transmission   C14 Flaviviridae
B07 Pathogenesis   C15 Gammaherpesvirinae
B08 Oncogenesis   C16 Hepadnaviridae
B09 Epidemiology   C17 Hepeviridae
B10 Diversity and evolution   C18 Orthomyxoviridae
B11 Innate immunity   C19 Papillomaviridae
B12 Acquired immunity and vaccines   C20 Paramyxoviridae
B13 Antivirals   C21 Parvoviridae
B14 Gene therapy and viral vectors   C22 Picornaviridae
B15 Data analysis and mathematical model   C23 Polyomaviridae
      C24 Poxviridae
      C25 Reoviridae
      C26 Retroviridae (Lentivirus)
      C27 Retroviridae (except for Lentivirus)
      C28 Rhabdoviridae
      C29 Togaviridae
      C30 Others

4. Notice
It is not permitted to present the same abstract at a scientific meeting as the one already published in scientific journals.
One abstract will be accepted per presenter (first author).
Co-authors are eligible to submit more than one abstract.
Only one abstract will be accepted when the abstracts from the same group are obviously considered as one presentation.
Please include the latest research result.
The following abstracts will not be accepted: aim of study is not clear, irrelevant replication research, containing significant errors, gap between experiment and conclusion, and lack in moral consideration, etc.

Acceptance Notice
The program committee is responsible for reviewing all abstracts and deciding presentation style and time. If you have not received an e-mail notification, please contact the meeting secretariat.
Notification regarding acceptance or rejection will be sent to the submitting authors’e-mail address by the end of August, 2019.

Online Abstract Submission

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