The 44th Annual Meeting of The Laser Society of Japan


The 44th Annual Meeting

1. Date

2024 / 1 / 16 (Tue.) - 2024 / 1 / 19 (Fri.)

2. Venue

Miraikan - The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation

T2-3-6 Aomi, Koto-ku, Tokyo, 135-0064, Japan


Tokyo International Exchange Center (Plaza Heisei Meeting Facilities)

Tokyo Academic Park, 2-2-1 Aomi, Koto-ku, Tokyo 135-8630, Japan



18th 18 p.m.
 Annual Conference Networking Reception


1-9-1, Daiba, Koto-ku, Tokyo 135-8625, Japan


3. Organizer

The Laser Society of Japan

4. Outline
The following special talk, symposiums, invited talk, oral presentations and poster presentations will be held.

(1) Special talk: 16th Jan. (Tue.) 

     Chief Executive Director, Miraikan – The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation, IBM Fellow

 Takaaki KAJITA
     Professor, the University of Tokyo

 Kenichi IGA
     Honorary Professor/Former President, Tokyo Institute of Technology

 Hiroshi AMANO
     Professor, Nagoya University

 Shuntaro TAKEDA
     Associate Professor, the University of Tokyo

(2) 50th Anniversary Special Corporate Poster Session: 16th Jan. (Tue.)

Overview: Introduction of the latest technologies and human resource development initiatives of companies for the next 50 years
Format: Poster presentations
Time: 12:00 -12:50
Place: Plaza Heisei, 2F Foyer
No application is required.
A limited number of finger foods and coffee will be available.
This is a valuable opportunity for networking with students, professionals in the laser field, and business people.

(3) Symposia: 17th Jan. (Wed.) - 19th (Fri.)

  1. Quantum Technologies Driven by Photonics
  2. The Next Society Created by Optical Wireless Power Transmission -Fundamental Technologies and Applications for IoT, Mobility, Long distance, and Harsh environment-
  3. Chaos and Dressed Photon : Pioneers  toward Complex Supremacy
  4. New developments by temporally and spatially structured light
  5. Dreaming of post-next-generation lasers
  6. Laboratory astrophysics explored by ultra-intense laser combined with data science
  7. Innovative laser processing toward social implementation
  8. Recent progress on environmental measurements using lidar system
  9. Leading Edge of Next-Generation Optical Modulators Above 100 GHz
  10. 50th anniversary of the prediction of optical solitons in fiber: Challenge to fiber nonlinearity -From optical soliton transmission to GN model-
  11. Frontiers of Neurophotonics
   13. Symposium Commemorating the Nobel Prize in Physics: Development and
         Prospects of Attosecond Science

(4) Joint session: 17th Jan. (Wed.)

Joint session between The Optical Society of Japan and The Laser
Society of Japan "Hot topics"

(5) Invited Talk: 17th Jan. (Wed.) - 19th (Fri.)

Presentation 25 min., Q&A 5 min.

(6) Oral presentation: 17th Jan. (Wed.) - 19th (Fri.)

Presentation 12 min., Q&A 3 min.

(7) Poster presentation: 18th Jan. (Thu.) - 19th (Fri.)

(8) Exhibition: 「Laser Solution 2024」

         18th Jan. (Thu.) - 19th Jan. (Fri.)


(9) Registration Fee

Pre-registration fee 
  • Members, Sponsors:14,000 JPY / Student4,000 JPY
  • Nonmembers20,000 JPY / Student6,000 JPY
Regular fee
  • Members, Sponsors:18,000 JPY / Student6,000 JPY
  • Nonmembers24,000 JPY / Student8,000 JPY


Banquet Fee
Pre-registration fee 
  • Members/Nonmembers:7,000 JPY / Student3,000 JPY
Regular fee
  • Members/Nonmembers:9,000 JPY / Student4,000 JPY