The 44th Annual Meeting of The Laser Society of Japan

Call for Abstracts

Call for Papers

General Rules for Abstract Submission:
  1. Applications for presentations at the Annual Meeting are limited to members of the Laser Society of Japan. To join Laser Society of Japan, please check the Laser Society website.
  2. Please submit abstracts using the submission form by clicking the button below.
    For invited speakers, please submit abstracts through the link 
    notified via e-mail.
  3. The presentation is oral or poster presentation.
    Please select from 4 options as follows: "Oral", "Oral (Poster is Acceptable)", "Poster (Oral is Acceptable)", and "Poster".
  4. Please select the appropriate category for your presentation from the table below.
A Laser physics and chemistry F Optical functional materials and devices
B Lasers G Optical fiber and wireless communications
C High-intensity and high-energy laser applications H Optical information processing
D Laser processing I Laser medical science and biology
E Laser measurement    

For young researchers, excellent oral presentations or poster presentations will be awarded with "Paper Presentation Award" or "Poster Presentation Award.
Important dates:

Registration for Presentation Deadline: September 22 (Fri.), 2023->September 29 (Fri.), 2023

Registration Deadline: December 5 (Tue.), 2023

Manuscript Submission Period: October 2 (Mon.), 2023 to October 19(Thu.) , 2023

You will not be able to submit, edit your registered information, nor withdraw your presentation after the submission deadline.

Abstract Submission
For invited speakers, please submit abstracts through the link notified via e-mail.

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