MMIJ Annual Meeting 2023



Program will be printed by on-line and provided to all participants. 
However, Proceedings of "MMIJ Annual Meeting 2023" will only be available on the conference website from May 6, 2023. 
To view the proceedings via the conference web page, passwords provided by conference organizers will be required. 
There will be two types of the passwords, i.e. 
“Type 1: Password for all the participants in "MMIJ Annual Meeting 2023, "  and “Type 2: MMIJ individual members-only password” in terms of difference in periods for the accessibility of proceedings.

[Type1: Password for all the participants in " MMIJ Annual Meeting 2023"]
»Accessibility of proceedings:
(a) May.6 – April19, 2023 for Early bird registrations & Advanced registrations
  --> Passwords will be sent together with the registration certificate via e-mail before the conference.
(Note) After April20, 2023, non-MMIJ members will not be able to access the proceedings, and thus please do not forget to download a copy of the proceedings by yourself.

[Type 2: MMIJ individual members-only password]… Limited to MMIJ individual member & MMIJ student member
By accessing the MMIJ individual members-only web page (*), MMIJ individual members including student members can view all proceedings of MMIJ Spring & Fall Meetings from MMIJ Fall meeting of 2014, even " MMIJ Annual Meeting 2023".
However, Before April 14, 2023, the proceedings of  " MMIJ Annual Meeting 2023" can be viewed via the conference web page using Type 1 passwords only. 
(*) If you forget your member ID or password, please follow the instructions given in the URL.