The 143rd Annual Meeting of the Pharmaceutical Society of Japan (Sapporo)


Registration Period

Early registration  Closed

  Oct. 17 (Mon), 2022 (10:00am, JST) – Feb. 10 (Fri), 2023 (12:00pm, JST)

Mid-time registration  Closed

  Feb. 13 (Mon), 2023  Mar. 15 (Wed), 2023 (12:00pm, JST)

Late registration

  Mar. 16 (Thu), 2023  Mar. 28 (Tue), 2023 (15:30pm, JST)


  • If you register onsite, only credit card payment is accepted.
  • After completion of payment, no changes are accepted in registration details, cancellation of registration, or refund of fees.


Participation fee
Regular Member
13,000 JPY 
13,000 JPY 
15,000 JPY 
Student Member
  3,000 JPY 
  3,000 JPY 
3,000 JPY 
18,000 JPY 
18,000 JPY 
20,000 JPY 
Non-Member (Student)
  5,000 JPY 
  5,000 JPY 
  5,000 JPY 
Non-Member (1 day pass: 3/26)
 6,000 JPY 
 6,000 JPY 
7,000 JPY 
Overseas Member
13,000 JPY 
13,000 JPY 
15,000 JPY 
  • Participation fee for non-presenters under 4th year undergraduate is free, regardless of whether they are members or non-members. In such cases, program books will not be distributed. Registration period is October 17 (Mon), 2022 to March 10 (Fri), 2023.

  • Please note that presenters under 4th year undergraduate are required to register and pay a registration fee.
The meeting will be held at Keio Plaza Hotel Sapporo on March 27 (Mon), after sufficient countermeasures against new coronavirus infection. When registering, please indicate whether or not you intend to attend the banquet, if one is held.


Payment Deadline and Method of Payment
  • Please choose either credit card or bank transfer paymentPlease note that payment at convenience stores is not available.

  • If you register by Early registration and Mid-time registration, please pay by the following due dates.

     <Early registration> February 10 (Fri), 2023 (12:00pm, JST)
<Mid-time registration> March 15 (Wed), 2023 (12:00pm, JST)

  • If payment of the registration fee is not received by the due date, the registration will be cancelled.

Credit-card payment


Bank transfer payment

  • Bank Transfer Payment will be processed through GMO Payment Gateway Inc. The destination bank account is GMO Aozora Net Bank.
  • Bank Transfer Payment is available only in Japan.

  • Please note that the payment procedure pages are written only in Japanese.

NOTE: Registration will be complete when your payment is confirmed.


Receipts can be downloaded from the online registration system "Confit" after payment.


Poster Presentation at Interdisciplinary Session (Closed)
In addition to the general presentations, poster presentations will be organized in Interdisciplinary Session. Non-members can also apply for this session. If you are a non-member and wish to make a poster presentation at Interdisciplinary Session, please select the theme of your presentation from the "Interdisciplinary Session Poster presentation theme" box on the registration site. We will send an email to those who have applied for the poster session with instructions on how to register their presentation information.

The deadline for submission is November 18, 2022. Please note that applications received after this date will be considered invalid.

The following three themes will be presented in Interdisciplinary Session.

[Theme 1] Receptors involved in pain and itch/Channels/Enzymes (2023/3/26)
[Theme 2] Antibody therapeutics/Immunology (2023/3/27)
[Theme 3] Nucleic acids/DDS/Vaccines (2023/3/28)
Online Registration

Various emails will be sent to the email address you have registered as your Confit account. Please be sure to register an email address that will be available until the end of the Annual Meeting.

Participation certificate

A PDF of the participation certificate will be sent to those who have paid the registration fee by email. If you will be attending on-site, please be sure to download and print out the participation certificate and bring it to the venue on the day of the meeting. Non-members will receive the program by mail.

​Early registration
  • After payment of the registration fee is completed, a PDF of the participation certificate will be sent to you by email on March 2, 2023.

Mid-time registration 

  • Those who have paid the registration fee by March 15, 2023 will receive a PDF certificate of participation by email on March 22, 2023.

Late registration

  • For those who have paid the registration fee on or after March 16, 2023, a PDF of the participation certificate will be sent to you by email after the registration deadline. If you will attend the meeting on-site, please present the "Your credit card payment completed" or "Your bank transfer completed" email sent by Confit at the registration desk and exchange it for your name tag.

  • Non-members who attend the conference on-site will receive a program book at the venue on the day of the meeting. Please be sure to present your name tag at the registration desk.

Web Abstract
  • Abstracts will be published on the website of the annual meeting on March 3, 2023.

  • To browse the abstract, a password will be required. This password will be sent via email to your registered email address on March 2, 2023.