The 143rd Annual Meeting of the Pharmaceutical Society of Japan (Sapporo)

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International Symposium

[IS02-S4] Asian Symposium on Pharmaceutical Sciences for the Next Generation 4

Tue. Mar 28, 2023 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM [Room PS2] (1F)

Organizer: Kenji Hamase, Yasumitsu Ogra, Yoshiharu Iwabuchi, Satoshi Ichikawa

IS02-S4-01~IS02-S4-04 Chair: Chien-Ming Hsieh, Teh-Min Hu
IS02-S4-05~IS02-S4-08 Chair: Shunsuke Kita, Baharudin Ibrahim

3:50 PM - 4:05 PM

[IS02-S4-06] Inherited lipid metabolic disorders in zebrafish models: in vivo drug screening platform for anti-lipotoxic complication drugs

○Hsin-Hung Lai1, Guor Mour Her1 (1. Institute of Biopharmaceutical Sciences, School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University)

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